The Effects Violent Video Games can have on the Mind of Children and Teenagers

There went a debate since long time ago about a child being affected by the violent shows in the television and various violent video games which they play in the desktops or laptops. According to a lot of people, the children are prompted for committing different kinds of violent acts of those video games as they try to imitate those things what they see in a video game.

This debate has been amplified in Southington recently. The lethal shootout at Sandy Hook manifested the sentiments of many a man in Ohio, and finally this incident has resulted many a thing among which the controversy about the violent video games is one. There is a group named Southington SOS, who made a local store for selling various things for the entertainment of the children and teenagers.

In that store some violent video games were sold. There were some of the participants who exchanged the DVDs and CDS of various video games which they have. They also got a certificate from the store where the event took place. The representation of this group made official statements also. However, the statement seems to be little contradictory.

On one hand the group has acknowledged the fact that violent imagery is shown in the television programs and movies and it can have an effect on the children but on the other hand they have not taken any similar action against the violent shows of television while sharing the video games which has violent content.

In fact, they have mentioned in their statement that video games are not the cause of the shootout at Sandy Hook. Therefore, the thing is quite clear that they have supported the violent imagery in various video games which are the part of entertainment for numerous children and teenagers.

As per the researches are concerned the effect of various video games on the brain of children and teenagers is still questionable especially if the methodology is considered. It is true that when a child plays a video game he or she gets refreshed. Some of the games also increase his creativity and analytical knowledge.

Now, when you talk about the violent games, the age of the person who is playing the game comes into consideration. His age must be appropriate for playing a violent game the imagery of which will not have an effect on him.

If the age is not perfect and the violent video game makes an effect on the brain of the child, it will surely be considered to be a negative effect because it will eventually increase his negative feelings.

Now, according to some critics the store of Southington SOS will actually increase the sale of different violent games. The only difference is that this time the games will be newer. The critics say that it has happened since a long time that whenever any restriction is imposed on anything, the demand for that very thing increases in the market. This is something what is happening with the violent video games now a day.