Reasons To Play Rummy Online The Festive Season

With our busy lives and poor work-life balance, festivals have lost their essence in our lives. Earlier, festivities were times to get together with family folks and have fun. But today, as individuals with jobs in the IT sector in multinational companies and a 24X7 work timing, we fail to find the time to bond with our near and dear ones. Some blame technology for this gap between the generations. But this very technology can also bring us closer, especially during the festive season. How? Online rummy is a great way to bond with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents who are all physically away from you. If you are still wondering how a popular card game can help you during the festivities when you are stuck in the cubby hole of your office, here are some fantastic reasons to get you started.

Reasons To Play Rummy Online The Festive Season

Engaging and entertaining: There is no doubt that rummy is one of the most popular card games ever played. It is highly engaging and is a lot of fun when played with family members. So if you are in one extreme corner of the country and your favourite cousins are equally sad working in other parts of the world during the festive season, get in touch and enjoy online rummy and the distance fade away.

A game for all: Ask your grandfather or your geeky cousin who is a research scholar about rummy and the chances of both these generations knowing about Rummy is pretty high. So ask your family members to grab their smartphones, laptops and PCs and get started with online rummy. A family that plays together stays together, if not physically, then emotionally!

Easy yet intelligent: If someone in your family is new to the game, it is very easy to teach the person the tricks of the trade. Rummy rules are quite simple to grasp. But once you start playing, you will feel baffled by the smartness required to play and win. So whether the other members you are playing with is a beginner or a pro, rummy will be enjoyed by all. Far away or not, online rummy will give you ample scope to bond, laugh, and spend quality time with your family.

On-the-go play: If you are in a crowded city and the festivals are causing immense traffic blocks on your way to work, use this time to connect with your family over a quick game of rummy. There are several good online rummy sites that are fast and have an excellent user interface. So while the drums roll outside, making you yearn for your family and home, cheer up with this interesting card game on the go.

Some money during festivals: Remember the time when the elders of the family used to give children money to buy new clothes on Dushhera or Diwali? Times have changed and you have grown up, but a little cash can go a long way in bringing back those happy memories. Play rummy online with your loving grandparents or your funny uncle, and when you win some money, it will be just like the good old days. Isn’t that a wonderful idea!