Here’s What You Should Know: 5 Travel Gadgets To Help You Sleep On The Plane

Here’s What You Should Know: 5 Travel Gadgets To Help You Sleep On The Plane

Traveling or exploring new places will always be, without a doubt, thrilling and exciting no matter where your target destination is. But the biggest and the most common dilemma of travelers is the difficulty of sleeping during their flight.

Sure, falling and staying asleep is not always that simple when jet-setting. Fortunately, there are some helpful travel gadgets that you can use or take advantage on the plane so that you can get all the rest that you’ll need regardless of the conditions.

Of course, sleep is very important, most especially when you are not getting much of it, which can usually happen while traveling. For a little help, listed below are the five travel gadgets to help you sleep on the plane.

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

If you’re trying to take a nap in a bright plane cabin, light can disturb your sleep, even the slightest beam of light. With that said, it’s of the utmost importance to pack or bring a sleep mask because it’ll provide you instant darkness and heavenly sleep.

When you’re in the inmost or deepest phase of sleep, referred as the REM cycle or rapid-eye-movement, your eyes tend to move around right below your eyelids. Of course, you do not want to have anything confining that activity.

A sleep mask such as Bedtime Bliss, contoured or shaped around your eyes, is perfect for preventing this from happening. As such, instead of squeezing your eyelids, this type of eye mask provides your eyes more space so that it can move, without restriction, as you drift off to sleep.

Here’s What You Should Know: 5 Travel Gadgets To Help You Sleep On The Plane

Sleep Sheep

Traveling with your kids is partly a fun yet stressing activity. Why? It’s because if your kids can’t sleep, you’ll not be able to sleep as well. Luckily, there’s a helpful travel gear that can help you put your kids to sleep.

What’s better than giving them a stuffed animal that can also produce white noise machine? The Sleep Sheep Travel Sound Machine is one of the best solutions to that dilemma. This stuffed animal and travel sound machine can play calming and reassuring music that can help your kids sleep, plus it includes a Velcro strap that allows you to effortlessly attach or fasten it to the safety belt or stroller.   

Sleep Cycle App

If your alarm joggle you awake from a deep, sound sleep, it can leave you tired and groggy. However, with the help of the Sleep Cycle application, it’ll jolt you awake in your lightest and insubstantial sleep condition, leaving you feeling ready to go and refreshed.

This app can be a great help when you’re traveling, specifically by air. All you need to do is to choose an alarm time. Once set, the Sleep Cycle app will jolt you awake when you are already in your lightest sleep state, about thirty minutes of your preferred waking time. Moreover, the app can also track your sleep, allowing you to assess the quality of your sleep.

Lavender Travel Pillow

Some studies say or claim that the smell or fragrance of lavender can, without question, help certain people fall and stay asleep. Also, travel pillows can help you make your travel experience smoother and hassle-free. When the two of these elements combined, for sure, every traveler’s dream of getting good sleep on the plane will come true.

The Lavender Travel Pillow has a pouch or small sack full of dried lavender buds. All you need to do is to insert this pouch into the travel pillow’s neckband. It’ll give you strong support and a soothing scent, anywhere you may go.

Super Sleep Ear Plugs

Let’s face it, getting a deep, sound sleep can be tough and challenging, especially when you are traveling. As such, a good-quality set of earplugs can certainly help you get much sleep and help you feel refreshed and ready to discover new places.

Have you ever woken up with an ear pain after sleeping with a distressing set of earplugs? If yes, then consider trying the Super Sleep Ear Plugs, designed specifically for side sleepers. The length of this earplugs makes it more than comfortable than any other type of earplugs. The will block noises and allow you to sleep soundly without any noises or pain.


Most travelers common problem when traveling by plane is that they can’t seem to find a way to get a good sleep. As such, instead of being all excited with the travel adventure, you’ll feel groggy and tired. Luckily, some gadgets can help you sleep on the plane, from sleep mask to earplugs. You can buy these travel gears in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.