The 5 Best Sources To Use For A Finance Essay

The 5 Best Sources To Use For A Finance Essay

Studying for a finance related degree can present graduates with a number of opportunities. This sector is so varied there are lots of topics to talk about and issues to explore. The financial industry incorporates many different areas including insurance, banking, foreign exchange and investments to name a few. As a university student starting to write coursework or prepare for an essay, you will have to make a number of decisions in relation to the structure and content of the essay as well as what resources you will use to research your written work. As a result you will need to think carefully about the range of resources that you will need to access. When it comes to finance, here are just a few sources of information to help you with your work:

#1 Student Library: 

As one of the best places to start your research, your university library will no doubt stock a range of highly relevant, up to date textbooks and reference books on all aspects of finance. Your library should contain a range of information including finance journals, online databases, articles and ebooks to name a few which will prove extremely valuable for your studies.

#2 Google Scholar: 

Very much like the regular search engine that we all know and love, Google Scholar is a dedicated search engine designed for academics. If you are looking for finance related information just type in a few search terms and rather than being presented with a list of websites trying to sell you financial products, you will see a series of relevant websites, PDFs and journal papers which include a number of scholarly research sources that you can use for your assignment in finance.

The 5 Best Sources To Use For A Finance Essay

#3 Core Textbooks: 

Your reading list should be used as much as possible in your academic work. Many essays are used as a method to evaluate your understanding of key finance topics, theories and concepts so draw on them when you arête searching your essay.

#4 Essay Writing Service: 

Students may find that making use of a UK assignment writing service is a help when they have to draft and essay. These companies can help you get your thoughts on paper and write a strong and succinct essay. They should only be used for research purposes though and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for thorough research and your own work.

#5 Online Libraries:

 There are lots of online resources that you can use to research about finance topics, particularly those such as the FSA. If you are drawing on information from a website or article you have found online ensure that it is from a reputable website such as a national or government body.

The best academic essays are those which present a balanced critical argument using information from a variety of high quality online and offline sources.