Green Science: How Technology Allows Us to Check on Our Planet’s Health

Many people are aware that the planet’s overall health has been declining over the years, but they are unaware of how the planet’s health has been monitored. The reality is that scientists and environmentalists use a wide range of observations as well as modern technologies in order to monitor trends in environmental health. These trends are analyzed over short periods of time as well as on a long-term basis. These are some of the many ways that technology has been used effectively to gain hard facts about the environment and ultimately to instigate change.

Use Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras have a wide range of applications in various industries and niches. For example, thermal imaging is used in homes to identify air leaks throughout the exterior of the home that are leading to energy inefficiency. This technology is used by military professionals, hunters and others to look for heat signatures that indicate the presence of animals or people. On a much larger scale, thermal cameras are used to monitor air temperatures regionally or globally. These results are then analyzed over a long period of time to visualize the effects of climate change.

Test for Air Pollution

Air quality is a leading environmental concern as well, and it can be monitored through the use of modern technology. The concentrations of different pollutants can be monitored in localized areas, and trends can be identified over time. This is also a convenient and effective way to pinpoint areas that may be causing pollution.

Analyze Water Quality

In the same way, the purity and cleanliness of water can be tested. Water quality tests may be completed for home drinking water as well as in local lakes, rivers, bays and more. Fertilizers, the amount of oxygen in the water and more all indicate the purity of water in the area. As is the case with air pollution, special testing stations are set up in some areas to continually and regularly monitor the presence of pollution.
While technology may contribute to the decline of the planet’s health in some cases, it also can be used to monitor its health and even to improve it in various ways. Identifying what our activities and lifestyles are doing to the planet is a first step toward shedding light on the problem and finding effective ways to counteract pollution. Over time, this effort may improve planetary healthy and set the stage for us to live in a healthier environment.