Are Mobile Phones as Secure as They Should Be?

In less than a decade cellphones have made a tremendous leap by offering a number of applications, internet access, and much more. While many of us now carry smartphones, the question remains, “How secure are mobile phones?” One area that people seem to turn to is the technology used by the military. If the military has secure phones, what kind of security are civilians looking at? More importantly, if the military doesn’t have secure technology, what does that mean for us? Let’s take a closer look at whether or not mobile phones are as secure as they should be.
What Does the Military Have Do to With Things?
If there’s one area in the United States that should have the more secure technology, it’s the military. Unfortunately, a recent article by Technorati, mentioned that military cellphones and tablets weren’t as secure as they should be. In fact, 15 out 48 inspected military phones weren’t even password protected. The military has access to the best technology the country has to offer. Does this mean that phones aren’t secure? Sadly, the answer is no. What is does mean is that the military is not working to keep cellphones secure. In other words, someone isn’t doing their job. The same article mentioned that 14,000 devices, which included cellphones, were being used without proper authorization.
Does This Mean My Phone Isn’t Secure?
Not at all. What this boils down to is user error. You have to setup security features in order for your phone to be secure. This means choosing to password protect the phone and installing software that will further enhance the phone’s security. Many phones have security software built in. It’s just a matter of the user using the software. Just like with your computer, you need to be proactive in keeping your mobile phone secure.
How Can I Protect My Own Data?
The first thing you want to do is password protect your phone. Each phone is different, which means you’ll need to refer to your phone’s manual for instructions. Second, check your phone for security settings. Depending on your phone, you may have several options. Some phones offer the ability to encrypt the data on your phone and storage card and you can choose whether or not to accept app installations from unknown sources. If your phone allows the download of apps, you can also download apps that will make your phone more secure, such as firewalls. However, you want to make sure you download from reliable companies.
Mobile phones are as secure as you choose for them to be. In other words, if you choose not to setup a password or encrypt your data, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. You could, of course, try this option to avoid needing a cell phone altogether, especially for business purposes. Take the time to make your phone secure and give yourself peace of mind.