Defining Vehicle Types

When you get into the automotive industry or planning to purchase your first car you might and even would get lost in the number of options available. Not only class but also shapes and functional features differ from any vehicle to another. To choose the best automobile for your needs and requirements you need to clearly understand the options in front of you and their peculiarities. This articles aims to describe the most popular types of vehicles available in the market to help you make the right choice of the first car.



Sedans are one of the most popular cars on the market and have the biggest number of options. The classic representative of sedans is Toyota Corolla. Sedans are available in luxurious and budget options, larger and small ones, with large trunks and additional features for increased comfort. The number of manufacturers and models of these vehicles promises that if you choose sean you will definitely find your perfect match among them.


Hatchbacks are similar to sedans in their construction, however they have much larger trunk space and also the trunk of a different design. The classic representatives of hatchbacks are Honda Fit or the Volkswagen Golf. Hatchbacks are advised for large families who need to carry much cargo during the long trips and who want to get the most of a sedan-like vehicle.

SUVs and Crossovers

Both crossovers and SUVs are tall wagons that are most frequently based on a passenger-car platform’s architecture. This construction provides improved ride, comfort and fuel economy to the driver. Both types of cars come in a wide range of sizes and packages, and almost all of them provide a third-row seat. The classic examples of crossovers are Chevrolet Equinox, Acura MDX, and Ford Escape; classic SUVs include Chevrolet Tahoe and the Toyota 4Runner.

Hybrid or Electric Cars

Hybrid vehicles have both a standard fuel-powered engine and also an electric motor which operates in unison or independently to the vehicle propel. Hybrids have the best fuel economy if compared to standard fuel-based cars. The most famous representatives of this vehicles class are Ford Fusion Hybrid or Toyota Prius. The latest representatives of hybrids, such as Tesla Model S, have no gas engine at all and operate on electricity only.


All minivans have a short hood and also a box-shaped body which encloses a very large passenger/cargo area. The cargo space here is even larger than in hatchback which makes these cars ideal for large families or long-distance trips. The most commonly known minivans include the Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, and, of course, Toyota Sienna.


Trucks are large vehicles, in fact, the largest of all mentioned above. They are most frequently used for work needs owing to their size. The classic representative of trucks is Ford F150 which has one of the biggest cargo capacities of all vehicles existing and so is perfect for transporting large and oversized goods. Most automotive professionals advise using trucks for business needs and not for personal ones.