The Connection Between HD TV And HDMI Extenders

With the advances in technology every person seems to want more in terms of quality and entertainment. This can only be achieved if you decide to buy the high end products which will offer you an improved visual experience. This is why you may be in the situation of purchasing an HD TV which complies with the new possibilities. The problem is that you may find the experience really overwhelming and you really do not know the basics. You have heard that you may need a HDMI extender but you do not know what it is and what it does.The Connection Between HD TV And HDMI Extenders

The HDMI Concept

First of all you have to understand the concept behind HDMI. This is a digital connector that can transmit audio and video signals at high definition on just one cable. The extender is used so that the signal gets extended to the place of the HD TV in case there is a long distance between it and the computer. It is true that you can use an analog cable to connect the digital components. However, you may encounter the problem of needing a cable with three components and an additional six analog cable for audio. So this means a lot of cables hanging from the TV. This is why the HDMI is the right choice.

CAT5 Essentials

It is known that HDMI over CAT5 can be used in connection HD devices to HD TVs. In order to make the whole connection viable an end is placed in the HDMI slot of the cable and the other in the HDMI output of the DVR. In case you own an AV receiver, the television can be placed in the middle of this signal choice. The AV output receiver head to the TV and the DVR is connected to the AV input receiver. With this cable you are able to enjoy your favorite movies in high style as the high definition of the image is guaranteed.

Audio Transmissions

It is crucial to use HDMI for audio transmissions. The sound will be more accurate with this type of connection. The HDMI extender is likely to support 8 channels each at 192 kHz and of 24 bits. This means that you will experience perfect sound with Surround Sound, Dolby TrueHD and HD soundtracks systems.

If you decide to place the HD TV on your wall, it is likely that the AV receiver will be really far away from the monitor. This is why an extender is needed because the HDMI cable cannot be too long as it tends to lose its quality. The extender’s role is to extend the signal on really long distances. For this it uses the CAT6 UTP or the CAT5e cables. The top distance supported is of 100 meters. What is above this may cause signal degradation. With an extender the signal is full and it is the only way to get those HD images that you long for. The HDMI extender is a must if you plan to have a full quality video experience.

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