Ramp Up Your Riding Skills with BMX RAMP

BMX Ramp, as the name suggests, is a BMX-style game in which the player rolls back and forth on a single ramp in order to get the most points possible by completing various tricks on each pass. Players have the option of playing in Compete Mode or Free Mode: Compete Mode limits the player to performing as many tricks as possible in one minute while the Free Mode is unrestricted and allows the player to roll around on the ramp for as long as they want.


In BMX Ramp, the player controls the bike with his/her arrow keys and the A, S, and D keys. The Up Arrow key is used to accelerate the bike forward, while the Down Arrow key is used to change direction in mid-air. The A key can be used to perform a Superman flip, the S key rotates the handle bars, and the D key is used to complete a Batman flip. The player is able to accelerate faster and, therefore, get higher into the air on each pass by changing direction in mid-air. Extra points can also be gathered by changing directions multiple times on the same jump.

Difficulty Level:

BMX Ramp is painfully too easy. The game is centered around the concept of just rolling back and forth on one ramp that has no obstacles or even any bonus points to be achieved. When the player crashes, the character simply falls of his bike for a few seconds while the game is essentially paused and then the character is reset back on his bike with no gore, no noises, and no risk of losing.


BMX Ramp is an extremely boring BMX game with no benefits whatsoever. The game has absolutely no obstacles to avoid or jump over, no walls to crash into, and no extra points to be gathered by collecting stars or power-ups like other BMX games involve. The only way to even crash in BMX Ramp is by performing a trick or switching directions at the exact same time as the character is descending back onto the edge of the ramp on either side. While that may sound nice to some people, it creates a very dull environment in which the player just goes back and forth repeatedly until the clock runs out or the player gets bored enough to quit the game, depending on the gameplay mode that has been selected.

Even if the player has selected the Compete Mode, which is definitely the better of the two options, he/she only has one minute to complete as many tricks as they can and then the game is over. When the game has ended, the player is asked to either try again or return to the main menu. This game is not recommended to anyone, much less someone who wants to play a fun game. Even players who simply want to waste some time would be better off to find a more entertainment game than BMX Ramp.

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