Minimizing The Reliance On Google As A Source of Traffic

Google stands the major source of traffic and every website or blog relies on it to keep the traffic flowing. However, with Google’s algorithm updates and policies changing every now and then, marketers are looking for ways in which the reliance over Google can be minimized, so that even if there be no Google, or Google penalizes their site, they could still go on receiving traffic.

There is no denying the importance of Google pertaining to traffic. However, smart web marketing services providers educate their clients about ways in which they could generate traffic from other sources, thus relying less on Google for that purpose. The lines below give a few tips that can help an online marketer to keep on gaining traffic without completely relying on Google.


Loyal Readers:

If a blog creates loyal readership for itself, then its dependence on Google for traffic automatically decreases. Once you have loyal readers who come to your blog or website to read and get information, then no matter if Google penalizes you due to some algorithm change, the readers would continue on coming to the blog, and you won’t experience any fall in the traffic, except for the odd visitors which you received from Google. Loyal readers build you some additional benefits:

  • They could write posts for your blog
  • They propagate the word of the blog or website resulting in website promotion
  • In their mentions of your website or blog they would often link back to your website

Consider Other Search Engines:

The key to success in any market relies on diversification. Therefore, to minimize the dependence on Google, try to perform SEO of your website or blog on other search engines as well. Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines, although are in no competition with Google, however when you get hit by Google, these search engines combined can still provide you with traffic, until you regain your status with Google.


Forums are the platforms where new and old users pertaining to a specific area interact, discuss and help each other out in different regards. In forums, there are new users coming every day, therefore, if you have established some authority on different forum pertaining to your niche, then from these forums new users will definitely move to your blog. Thus, you get another source of traffic, regardless of whether you have Google besides you or not.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of the website in Google. However, its implications are far greater, and it serves as a great source of traffic for blog or website. Blog owners accept blog posts with ease if the person submitting the posts provides quality and useful information. If you provide useful information in your guest post, then the followers of the blog would definitely check your blog or website out, ultimately you receiving traffic without Google.

Social Media:

The best SEO optimization services providers realize the potential social media platforms carry pertaining to traffic generation. You can share your posts, your knowledge in the communities on social media platforms. The quality information you share, more would be spread further by your followers among their followers, hence a chain starts and you start receiving traffic from this chain.


In short, the aforementioned tips can come in quite handy if you wish to reduce the dependence you have on Google, or if your website is penalized by Google. In both the cases, you can still continue on receiving traffic by following the simple tips mentioned above.