How do I install a new hard drive?

Usually, a new hard drive comes with a manual which you can have a look at it, as to how to install your hard drive. However, in this article we have tried to make it simpler for you.
All you need to do is keep a screw driver handy.

Steps to replace an old hard drive and install a new one:

  • Shut down your PC and unplug the power supply from it.
  • Use a screw driver and remove the cover of your CPU.
  • Locate the hard drive in the driver bay of your CPU. The connection to it is a bit complicated as it has many wires connected to it so, it is advised that you document the connections to have a convenient re-connection later.
  •  It has two main wires viz. a data cable and another one is power cable.
  • The hard drive is fixed to computer frame by screws which are required to be unscrewed and then replace the old hard drive with the new one.
  • One thing should be kept in mind, you need to see whether there is another hard drive in the system. If it is so then determine whether that is ‘Master’ or ‘Slave’ so that you can have the settings accordingly for your new hard drive.

If your system has single hard drive then it can either act as ‘Master’ or ‘Slave’.

  • Connect all the wires as it was connected to the old hard drive including the power and data cables.
  • Put the computer cover back and screw it.
  • Plug in your PC with the power supply and start it.

If you have connected your hard drive properly then the new hard drive will be recognized by your PC and you can very well carry on with further formatting & partitioning of the new hard drive.

-Authored by JianJames

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