Website Builders: 7 Best Solutions for Business

All major international businesses have a website. This is very important as it allows them to attract many customers from all over the world. Let’s take a look at one major car hire brand as an example. Europcar Heathrow Terminal 5 in London offers car hire vehicles for every need. And naturally, the web page is the place where anyone can find and book the company’s hire car. The same goes for any other business, so a website is the best way to tell everyone about your product or service. 

However, if big brands are turning to web designers, then small business owners can try building a web resource on their own. Moreover, modern web-builders don’t require programming skills. 

Are you a businessman who wants to create a website? Below we have compiled a list of the most popular online builders that will help you t do it in a few hours…


Weebly is a one-stop service that you can use for free. This is one of the oldest platforms for creating websites, but of course, the developers are constantly updating it. Here you can create a full-fledged blog, business card, or online store. The builder is convenient and easy to use, and even a beginner can easily make a beautiful, uncomplicated site here. No wonder the platform has existed for so long and still hasn’t lost its popularity. 

Weebly has a Drag and Drop editor that makes it much easier to create a web project from pre-built blocks. To save time, you can choose a ready-made template. If the standard set of platform capabilities is not enough, then you can expand the functionality by installing the appropriate applications from AppMarket.


Another free builder that is perfect for creating blogs, business card sites, and online stores. It stands out for its affordable prices for paid plans and an easy-to-learn control panel. 

Mozello has both free and paid templates – 48 options in total. And if you know how to work with Javascript, HTML, or CSS, then you can even make your own changes. For all its merits, Mozello is not without drawbacks. It’s inconvenient to launch a large online store here since the goods will have to be loaded manually. Buyers will also feel uncomfortable because the limited choice of payment systems available.


The developers consider Site123 as a very easy-to-learn builder where you can create a complete web project for free. This can be a landing page, blog, business card, or an online store. Site123 is especially popular among those who are not versed in programming and have nothing to do with design. 

Plus, you can make an online store here quickly and without large investments. The visual editor of the designer is very easy to learn. Here you can create both a landing page and a multi-page resource, add modules to individual pages, applications, all kinds of plugins for communication with visitors, analytics, marketing, etc. 

The service will automatically select the template basis for the site as soon as you set the theme. Choosing the default option is optional – you can use the customization toolkit and change fonts, style, markup, and more.


Bookmark is a cloud-based builder that allows you to create a landing page or online store. This platform is interesting for its unique system – an editor with artificial intelligence. This makes it much easier for users to create an information resource or marketplace. It’s enough just to set your requirements and indicate what the final product should be. 

You just fill out a questionnaire, and then artificial intelligence will do everything for you. Based on the given data, it will select the optimal site structure and offer a choice of several template options. The builder boasts a collection of over one and a half million video and picture files. So, you can use them to design your site. 

Bookmark has everything you need to launch a massive online store powered by its built-in eCommerce engine. Of course, you can promote the created project with the built-in marketing and SEO tools.


Powered by Ajax technology, Ecwid was launched in 2009. It’s a budget platform that is specially designed for beginners. Why? Because you can work with it for free and you don’t have to pay commissions on sales. 

After registering, you can create a one-page website with a built-in store. You will find a suitable template on the official database. Ecwid is good because it allows you to set up one store for several portals at once. Plus, a single administrative model makes it easy to manage the entire system. 

The disadvantage of the platform is the small number of standard templates. Therefore, Ecwid is best suited only for novice businessmen who can create a small marketplace. If you need a large-scale project, then it’s better to choose another builder.



Yola is a great choice for those who are not versed in web design and don’t know how to work with HTML markup. Even non-advanced users will be able to easily master the basic features. The advantage of Yola is that you can create up to five projects on one account, and without any restrictions. 

Working with the builder is very simple. To add the desired element to the site, you simply select it on the panel and drag it to the desired place on the page. By the way, with Yola, you can also earn on PPC advertising if you install GoogleAdSense.

Google Sites 

As an Internet giant, Google also has its own highly reliable website builder. So, you don’t have to worry about hosting problems. It’s not difficult to work with the service – you will need to write down the name of the site, specify a description, and choose a template and a theme. Your new project will get a hard-to-remember web address by default. Fortunately, you can easily link it to the desired domain name.