Looking For A Come Up: Cutting Unnecessary Spending On Electronics

The Essentials Of An Effective Digital Media Buying Policy

This is not a revelation of some sort, this is just a simple comparison and a few simple advice that I just love giving out to my friends. Since my line of work depends heavily on electronics, smartphones, tablets, various software, etc., I’m constantly involved in conversations that I would usually avoid. How much Gigabytes can you get for what price, where can you find affordable and dependable Cloud storage, how much is the latest iPad and similar. I’m not very familiar with technical specifications, but I can recognize a high quality device, same as everyone else.

On the other hand, my line of work deals a lot with pricing strategies as well, and I understand that if you buy the latest model of a certain product, we are talking electronics, of course, that margin between the price of manufacture and the cost of that same Smartphone in stores can sometimes be as high as 200%. Sure, in addition to the price of manufacturing, there is testing, advertisement, delivery, retail, all in all a lot of money gets on top of a lot of money and sure, everybody wants to make a buck, but still, putting that shiny logo on top makes the prices rocketing to the sky. To me, that is just unacceptable.

Surely, there is a part of the market for people who simply need to have the latest labeled piece of equipment to stand out, and I understand that, but to put it down simply, I’m not a part of that target audience. Not to offend anyone, believe me, I would pay for cool Nike sneakers more than any pair of shoes should ever cost, but as far as electronics go – I’m looking for a come up. So if you are anything like me, and you are looking for a way to buy your electronics in a cheaper way or save money in the process, here are a few suggestions how to do so.

Looking For A Come Up: Cutting Unnecessary Spending On Electronics

Expensive & Branded Devices at a Bargain

There a few strategies on how you can purchase an iPad and save as much money as you possibly can. I’m not talking about the Apple products in particular, we will just concentrate on them since they are the top quality devices out there.

  • Survive the first wave

This means that you shouldn’t stand in line waiting for the latest iPhone the very same day it arrives at the store. If your old one is still operating fine, just give it a few months. All prices have a lifespan, and when it comes to electronics you are definitely aware that your iPhone 4s is worth about $150, and when you bought it originally the price was as high as iPhone 6 is today. So if you are not in a hurry, never buy a brand new device.

  • Recycle & Save the Device

If you do buy it brand new, take care of it as much as you can. Keep the original packaging, don’t scratch it, don’t pour water over it, put it in the protective case and keep it safe. Once the latest model hits the stores, you will have this well preserved device to sell for a higher price and ask for more money that you normally would, which will give you an initial advantage and a down payment for that new device.

  • Look for Deals

You should always look for deals, and especially when it comes to electronics since there are so many of them. Follow up on flipkart coupons, for example, you can even combine more coupons for a single device, and if you have that initial recycled money from your last device, you are getting a smartphone for free. Just stay diligent and do your research.

  • Refurbished Devices

The last but not least, buying refurbished goods is always a choice. Refurbished doesn’t mean that it’s broken, the most often case about these types of products is that there was a software mistake in the system, and the device was returned to the store to be repaired. Since it’s not brand new, you shouldn’t pay the full price, of course, and that’s a come up for you. One thing is advised, and that’s to look for a guaranty.

When it comes to software, cloud services, and such, of course that you are going to be outraged when you pay good money for a service and then the company cuts down prices significantly a few months later. So the best advice would be to sign up and subscribe to the manufacturers mailing list and they will surely inform you when the prices drop or a new deal comes up.