Home Accessories – Small Gadgets, Big Help

Home Accessories - Small Gadgets, Big Help

When watching a TV show or a movie from several decades ago, one simply cannot but wonder, why even some of the most luxurious mansions and apartments, to us seem somehow empty? The answer to this relevant question perhaps lies in the fact that today, equipping your home is not just about getting the proper furniture for it. Equipping your home today stands for equipping it with all the right accessories in order to make your life significantly easier. Here is a short list of gadgets, which would turn out to be a great asset to both you and your household.

Home Accessories - Small Gadgets, Big Help

A Smart Thermostat

Let us start with something simple as a concept, yet incredibly intelligent in its very nature, as well as with something specially designed to save energy, resources and money. What Honeywell Lyric is, is an incredible smart thermostat, made to pay itself on its own in little less than two years in nothing but the savings on your bills. If this sounds incredible to you, wait until you hear the next part. This thermostat is manually accessible which means that you need not be even at home in order to set it up or turn it off. Furthermore, it even comes with an incredible GPS addition, which enables it the option to turn itself on and off based on the proximity of your phone to your home.

Secure Your Home

This amazing accessory, is truly a thing that sheds a completely different light on the notion of what is high-end and futuristic. This smart, keyless lock comes from company called August, and represents a cutting edge in a home security system technology. It’s main advantage is that you can control it from your smartphone, with just a few swipes and taps. The accessory itself is a bit pricey but having in mind that this is a one-time investment as well as the fact that you simply cannot put a price tag on your own safety and that of your family, this cunning high-tech lock is more than worth it.

Your Own Gaming Den

Now this is less of an accessory and more of a shrine to your own free time. With the rapid development in graphics and storytelling of the modern video games, they hastily rush towards becoming the number one entertainment venue there is. Be ready to greet this future with your open arms. Get yourself a comfy armchair, a great sound system and most importantly of all, get yourself a proper gaming computer. Because of their mobility and universality it might be even better idea to get yourself one of the amazing gaming laptops. Later on you can always attach your laptop to a huge monitor for better impression.

An Application Controlled Light

It really doesn’t get any more sci-fi than this. How many times as a kid, and even as adult, you dreamt of having the ability to control your lighting system remotely or with your voice. Belkin WeMo Light Switch connects to your Wi-Fi router and allows you to turn your light on or off with nothing but an application on your mobile device. This thing that ages ago seemed as something off of a space ship will in just a couple of years be no less common than fridge or TV.

When we speak about the future, there are two things that need to be mentioned. First one is the fact that it is already here and the other one is the fact that that it is here to stay. Embrace this idea and enhance both your home and your general experience of it by equipping it with some of the most innovative home accessories there are.