How To Look After Your Phone

How To Look After Your Phone

Smartphones have taken over our lives. Granted, that statement might be overly dramatic, but they sure play a huge role in our everyday functioning. Two-thirds of people in the UK and USA own a smartphone, and by 2019 the number of mobile phone users is set to exceed the five billion mark. Modern smartphones aren’t at all cheap, so it pays dividends to look after your smartphone and make it last as long as possible. The following steps will help you keep your phone in good health and ensure years of consistent service.

How To Look After Your Phone


We all know the gut-clenching feeling of dropping your phone, hoping that it is not too damaged. All too often, the delicate screen shatters, leaving us with a hefty repair bill and days of being disconnected while our device is at the shop. More aggressive drops may even kill your phone altogether. Luckily, there are a bunch of cases out there that provide various levels of protection, ranging from the sensible to military grade stuff. Buying a case is the cheapest way of avoiding disaster in the long run. Cases are a dime a dozen, and you are sure to bag a great deal on the web.

Screen protection

Although some screens are fabricated with a tough shatter-proof material, like gorilla glass, this is not a guarantee of invincibility. To make your phone even more robust, all you need is an inexpensive screen protector. While thin, film-like protectors can be great for avoiding small scuffs and scratches; your best bet is to go for a thicker glasslike screen protector. It is a bit more expensive than plastic, but is a whole lot sturdier. When your phone falls from a perilous height, the screen protector will take the brunt of the attack, and will shatter much like a modern car windscreen, leaving the original screen untouched.

Be mindful of where you put it

Taking care of your phone while using it is one thing, but it is just as important to be careful where you put your phone after use. Keys are the number one enemy here, so ladies should avoid putting their phones in the same compartment with their keys, and gents need to take care to separate their phone from any sharp objects in their pockets. On that note, avoid putting your phone in questionable places, such as balcony railings, near water, in direct sunlight etc. If possible, avoid drastic temperature changes.


Although you might not be able to see them, dust particles are particularly attracted to electronics, and they can get into your phone even if you have a case and screen protector. Too much dust can affect your phone’s performance. Clean your phone regularly with a soft cloth, and open the case every so often for a detailed cleaning. Pay attention to lint build up in small holes such as audio jacks and speaker openings and remove this with a toothpick, never with a metal implement.

The steps above may seem simple, self-explanatory even, but they will go a long way toward extending the lifespan and performance of your mobile device. Carelessness is the number one cause of phone damage, so just pay that extra bit of attention.