The Wonder of Android Phones Africa’s Best Mara Phone

Android phones are now ruling the roost with a 52.3% domination of the market. Does this mean that they are better than other brands of phones? Actually, yes, according to a survey, it was seen that Android phones lead the field in both the software and the hardware capabilities. The best Android phone is yet to be decided because there are hundreds of phone manufacturers who have their own idea of good.


Two Android models

Enough said that the Android is universally good. And the latest offering is from Rwanda in Africa by a company called Mara Phones. They launching Android phone models priced at $159 and $219. You have two possible choices of Mara phones Rwanda has, the Mara X and the Mara Z. Mara X is a cheaper phone. Both are attractive and sleek with advanced features like fingerprint sensor and facial recognition features.


Data tracking problem

Many Android apps track you even if you have denied permission to them. This kind of privacy and security concerns make it worthwhile to stop and consider ways to deal with this. For one, don’t give permission to apps that ask to see your calendar, your contacts, when all it does is tell time. Give permissions only if it makes sense for that app to have that permission. If you give access for the app to your microphone, it is possible it is listening to you. At times, the app will not work unless you give it permission. In these cases, you will have to let it have access. Make it a habit to scrutinize the permissions you gave to each app.


Google supplying fixes

If you have a Mara device are safe. This is because it comes with all apps inbuilt so you don’t need to download any new app. The safety updates protect the phone from virus attacks and malware. There is no worry about any kind of attack because Google is giving the software updates for the coming 3 years at least and security fixes for 2 years. Being an Android One makes it special because it comes with plenty of One feature like the Google Go and Google Assistant. You can speak your command to your Mara phone like “Google, tell me the news,” and you will have the news read out to you.


The goodness of Go

Most of the Go apps are lightweight and fast. They don’t occupy much space so your phone is always fast. Among the advanced smartphone features, there is a fingerprint scanner that allows you to lock the phone with a swipe. Then there is facial recognition that adds a layer of security for your phone. Considering the price, this is great news and most users are thrilled with it. The processor (ARM Cortex A53) speed is also good at 1.5GHz (Mara X) and 1.4GHz (Mara Z).


Having an Android phone is a big plus for anyone. Mara phone has many classic features and speed that make it delightful. They are shipping the phone worldwide so you can order the phone online now. You get your phone within 3-5 days of placing your order.