Eradicating Illiteracy In The US One Adult At A Time

Learned Adults are important to ensure that the younger generation grows up to be educated citizens. Over 32 million American adults can’t read and over 50% of American adults can not read a book written at the eighth-grade level. The correlation between illiterate adults and economic development and growth of your country must be quite apparent by now!

Children whose parents are illiterate have more than 70% of chances of having low reading standards themselves. It doesn’t matter why you are illiterate, you have to capable enough to teach your game, reading tutor for adults is the only option you have per se. In today’s world where people are getting more obsessed with technology than books, finding the right reading tutor for adults can be a tough job.

Adults are often ignorant of their problems and eventually, grow enough to feel shy enough to avoid the whole idea altogether. This is why there are many reputed reading centers who offer reading tutor for adults. The effort to actually go to a learning center and register to an adult tutoring center is huge. And this is why you don’t want it to be a bad experience. Ask for referrals from the tutoring center you are planning to opt for your education. You can also look for ratings and reviews online to determine the quality of reading methods used in the process.

Reasons Behind Illiterate Adults

There are many reasons for illiteracy in the US – from poverty, clinical disorder, responsibilities, and such others. For instance, there are many adults who dropped from high school or college because they had low finances and bigger responsibilities. Besides, illiteracy can easily come from lack of book and poor performance in the exams too!

Illiterate parents are also one of the causes of illiterate adults. Eventually, with life, people get busy earning and providing for their families and their illiteracy become just a dark secret. People are obviously embarrassed by their inability to read but too busy and ignorant to actually go to an adult tutoring center.

Importance of The Reading Method

Just like children, the reading method used to teach has a huge impact on the results of the process. There are many unique teaching and reading methods like The Dicker Reading Method who are known for their effectiveness. Experienced teachers maintain one-to-one contact with each student and keep track of their process. Choose a learning center with years of experience in the field for visible results. It’s never too late to become a focused reader. Find a good reading tutor for adults and start learning now!