Major Search Engines Work to Introduce New Browser Engines

A number of companies have decided to change their browse engines and it has web developers shaking in their boots. While some may question why the change is taking place, others may say it’s about time. While change can certainly disrupt websites, it can also help them grow. Let’s take a closer look at the major search engines working to introduce new browse engines.
Which Companies Are Making Changes?
The biggest news is of course Google’s announcement to stop using Webkit in the future in exchange for Blink. However, they aren’t the only large search engine to make changes. Mozilla plans to start using a browser engine by the name of Servo that they claim will rebuild the browser from the ground up. Opera made statements that Blink will also be used as the base of their search engine. But, why all the changes?
Why Are They Making Changes?
Simple. The major search engines are finally taking a step forward in creating browser engines that take full advantage of the hardware available on today’s computers. These browser engines will utilize the newer multicore processors, the HD graphics, better resolution, and other features that today’s computers offer.
What Can Web Developers Expect?
It’s hard to say. While Google has sympathized with web developers and hopes to make the change as easy as possible for developers, there’s a good chance that there will be at least some work involved to get websites to continue working and looking good. With Mozilla hoping to completely change the browser from the ground up, developers need to expect change. The good news is that websites can finally be as beautiful and dynamic as today’s computers will allow.
What Can Web Surfers Expect?
Imagine websites that took advantage of your computer’s high speed processor and amazing graphics and sound. Imagine websites not being limited to the technology that was available 5 to 10 years ago. If done right, the upgrade in these browser engines could create a web experience like we’ve never seen before. Soon, today’s websites may seen as outdated as those available in the 1990s.
Change is coming and while it may mean more work for web developers, it’s good news for online users. With browsers taking full-advantage of what computers can now do, there’s a good chance that we can expect better graphics quality, better videos, better games, and much, much more. Of course, we may have to wait a while. There’s no news as to when these browser engines will release and it will take time for web developers to build sites that take advantage of the new technology.
Will these changes impact your online business? Probably not. Just make sure you’re using premium wordpress themes from TemplateMela to design your ecommerce sites and make sure you’re using great content to promote yourself. The rest will fall into place as the search engines change.