What You Can Expect From A Commercial Interior Designer

Having a well-designed office space does not only make your office a more attractive place for clients and customers to visit. An updated workplace that is comfortable and reflects the company’s brand increases employee engagement, boosts productivity and will have everyone bragging about your company.

If you are moving into a new office space or think that your office may benefit from a makeover, then you will need to hire a commercial interior designer such as those available at Oktra (click here for more from Oktra). These professionals will be at the helm of any office renovation or the construction project. Their job is to help guide you when it comes to determining:

  • The layout of your office (including space distribution)
  • The materials which will be used
  • Interior wall arrangements

Your commercial interior designer will act as a liaison between everyone working on the renovation or construction process, ensuring that the project flows smoothly and that it stays on schedule.

The Beginning Stages with a Commercial Interior Designer

Once you have selected a commercial interior designer, he or she will study and evaluate the office space that is to be refurbished. The designer will start to come up with layout ideas of his or her own. At this point, the designer will sit down with the business owner or office manager and discuss what it is that they want and need from the space. They will share their ideas and explain what is and what is not feasible.

When a plan has been loosely agreed upon, the designer will then begin completing all of the necessary field verifications to start the project. Measurements will be taken, the current architecture of the space will be examined, and they will begin to consider the finer details including:

  • The furniture which will be filling this space
  • The colours to be used
  • The equipment which will occupy the space
  • Decorative items which will help increase the comfort of the space while promoting the brand of the organisation

Drawings and Layouts

Also known as “As-Built Drawings,” a commercial interior designer will begin to create schematic layouts and drawings. These drawings will represent what the office space should look like once the project has been completed. They will also serve as the base for choosing the best furniture, equipment and materials for the space.

From there your designer will verify that their plans are meeting the construction code requirements in your area. Once that has been completed, your designer will then submit and wait to receive final approval for the project from their client. When received, the timeline will be checked, and the work will begin.

An office refurbishment can be challenging and even stressful. If a client has any questions or concerns about the process, be sure to speak up and to share this with the commercial interior designer. He or she will be able to make any adjustments or quick fixes on the go so that you can be sure that the end product is a fabulous office space, which you, your staff and your customers will enjoy.