How Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Industry Is Going to Upsurge Post-Covid-19?


Despite facing revenue declines due to the recent pandemic, companies are investing in automation and robotics to better manage their operations. With the current situation, innovation is more than important.

This pandemic could be a necessity in order to make or break economies and industries. However, the robotics industry and artificial intelligence could be the right innovation which could pave the way to a new world. With many worries of people worldwide regarding the pandemic, or even not associated with the crisis, like playing live casino slots online, this advancement in technology seems inevitable.

Sooner or later, businesses must come back to some sense of normality. And without a doubt, this present crisis would eventually result in many manufacturing leaders looking for ways to utilize technology going ahead for proficiency and sustainability. That is why artificial intelligence and robotics seem to be playing the most crucial role in the industry today. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In a simple definition, artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, and it’s a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is concerned with creating smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence supposedly. 

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Industry: Overview

A number of experts have said that this crisis we are facing today marks the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution or simply referred to as the AI era. With lockdowns being lifted, and the world is starting to open up again, the new fear is felt by people to step out of their homes, so AI plays a crucial role. 

We cannot deny the fact that technology has become an active part of our daily living. COVID-19 only fastened its pace of robotics industry growth and reach. There is a rapid increase in the advancement of technology based on the robotics industry statistics nowadays. 

Now, Artificial Intelligence can influence every individual and industry all over the world. Organizations across industries would need to acquire the competency and skills to begin the AI journey since it could be the only way forward. 

And soon, it would be accessible to almost everyone, and perhaps time would come that the world is run by robots making people’s lives both safer and more convenient. 

Not just robotics in the construction industry, even in the world of online gaming, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular. This is one of the reasons why robotics industry trends are reaching their peak.

In fact, artificial intelligence played a hand in bringing together the people and the world – a world that was getting barely connected due to social media is closer now because of video conferencing. Also, everything becomes online, which means everything has a partial if not a complete influence of artificial intelligence. 

Nevertheless, the lack of personal interaction might be a concern for this kind of advancement in technology. Though valid, automation could help and enhance the abilities of the common individual. So, the best option is to transfer the world into a human-powered AI core and create awareness as well as prepare people to absorb the impact of the inevitable changes to our future. 

Automation and Robotics: The Future

We cannot deny the fact that the world is constantly improving and changing, so the robotics industry is immensely valuable in adapting to these new trends. In fact, the robotics industry association is becoming more and more popular these days. 

Indeed, robots could increase production efficiency because they run on a database that tells it a specified function that it performs within a stipulated time with little to no mistakes. This serves well particularly in highly technical fields that require extreme precision, such as medical science and some other scientific sectors. 

The world is moving towards complete automation and creating a world of possibilities, including those for the less fortunate, from automized sanitizer dispenses up to complex exoskeleton devices intended for people. 

Indeed, the robotic industry has made its way to the military and many big manufacturing industries. Artificial intelligence is also actively used to monitor and improve the healthcare of a patient, anticipate measures taken by a person against the coronavirus, and increase the productivity of manufacturing like vaccines. 

And with social distancing and lockdown, labor-intensive sectors rely on automotive technology to continue the people’s work. 


With AI and robotics in the industry, still do not worry at all! We aren’t going to wake up and see robots replacing humans. Instead, we will see robots improving the industry’s fulfillment process by eliminating labor, which is redundant, non-value-added, and physically taxing, and by doing tasks faster and a lot more efficiently. Indeed, no doubt that artificial intelligence and robotics are among the best innovations that the world needs, especially after this global crisis. 

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