Using a Video Animation to Bring your Strategy to Life

Video is an effective and versatile way to make your content marketing strategy real for your audience. You may have already set the groundwork for effective communication across many platforms and need help with a final push that can help to make it more interesting for more people. So what is the story with creating an animated corporate video, and what are the specific benefits?

Now more than ever, companies are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking ways in which they communicate with their audience. An explainer video is a popular way of bringing your brand and what it offers to the audience, without over-committing. Its main role is to inform and educate, and it provides a stable platform for your messaging.

Where do I start when I want a video produced?

When you create an animated marketing video, you equip your potential customer with all the information they need to make a decision about your product or service. Videos are a fun and interactive way of letting people interact with your brand in a multisensory way – you can present facts that would have been quite boring in a printed document, in a fun and engaging way. You can create a character to act as the spokesperson of your brand. You can even create caricatures of your staff, as a fun way to introduce them to your audience. Videos close the gap between “far-off executives” and the rest of the company, by making it fun to interact with them.

Make sure it looks and feels like YOU

When choosing a video animation company to produce your explainer video, you will experience far greater peace of mind if they understand your aesthetics and overall brand values. A company that is capable of handling a range of different styles without losing the integrity of any of them, is also recommended. You don’t want to work with a one-trick pony – versatility also indicates adaptability. Remember, you are hiring them to portray everything that is important about your company in a way that doesn’t look like anyone else’s video.

Finally, pay attention to the animation styles presented to you, and how it contributes to telling the story. A great-looking video that doesn’t reach the objectives is not worth it. If the company you choose is able to inject your animation video production with energy and life, while including all relevant information, you are on the right track.

It’s worth it in the long run

Although it may feel like a hassle to set up your content marketing strategy, once your animation video company completes their task and everything is in place, you will be amazed at how useful it can be to have such a video in place. Effective marketing is about telling a story that is compelling enough to keep the audience entertained, but informative and concise enough to communicate what you have to offer in way that makes it worthwhile for the viewer.