Executive Cars: 7 Perfect Models for Business

A company’s image plays an important role in business success. A high-level executive needs to keep track of his appearance, wardrobe, and accessories. The car is also what really matters. Arriving at a business meeting in a modest vehicle can give partners the false impression that they will have to negotiate with an ordinary employee or middle manager.

Thus, the right car is a must for a business. It should be comfortable, safe and also nice-looking. Which cars fit this criterion?

We have prepared a list of models that will perfectly fit into the concept of your business trip. You can always rent a car of a prestigious class, thereby ensuring a positive outcome of your business journey, wherever you go.

Toyota Camry

This is a unique model that never loses its position in the market, even when compared to newer sedans. The Japanese manufacturer amazes with the ability to change cars for the better, while maintaining a kind of authenticity that Toyota fans are used to. Choosing Camry as a rental car for a business trip, you will get classic style, combined with luxury, compactness and respectability, plus design elements and perfect geometry.

Engineers focused on sound insulation. The optimal car for quiet movement is a model with a 249-horsepower 3.5-liter engine. In the basic equipment the car has climate control, high-quality acoustics, and a blind spot monitor system onboard. Top-end configurations will delight business travelers with a Wi-Fi module, and Bluetooth speakerphone.

A comfortable fit is guaranteed by wide doorways. The seats in the cabin are spacious and soft. The trunk with a capacity of 506 liters provides excellent opportunities for transporting personal belongings.

Toyota Camry features:

  • classic strict style;
  • traffic sign information system;
  • wide doorways for a comfortable fit.


Lexus ES

This is one of the best business class sedans out there, so travelers often rent a car from Lexus to meet or negotiate with partners. Distinctive features of ES are a stylish car body with the most daring design solution, comfort and minimalism in the interior, along with excellent sound insulation.

Lexus has the most progressive safety systems. The Pre-Collision System allows you to see pedestrians and other road customers at night or in adverse weather conditions. 125 centimeters is the distance between the front and rear seats, which leaves plenty of legroom. Electrically adjustable backrest tilt up to 8 degrees is available as an option. The Mark Levinson Pureplay audio system provides amazing acoustics. The engine is efficient – fuel consumption per 100 km averages 6.6 liters.

Lexus ES features:

  • panoramic roof;
  • ergonomic seating;
  • stylish LED optics.


BMW 5-Series

This stylish and powerful vehicle will especially appeal to young business travelers. Moreover, car rental for under 25 drivers makes it possible to pick up a car even if you are not experienced enough.

The BMW 5-series is the quintessential modern business sedan. The car of the Bavarian automaker has managed to take all the best from competitors and add a pinch of its own charm.

As for the quality of the interior, it’s as comfortable as possible for long trips. From a technical point of view, the Bavarians have refined the already excellent diesel- and gasoline-powered engines to perfect condition. They are powerful, efficient and reliable.

Multimedia is BMW’s strong point, and the 5-Series clearly demonstrates it. The technology on board is beyond praise, but the main thing is that the use is intuitively clear even for novice drivers.

BMW 5-Series features:

  • nice-looking car body
  • advanced technology on board


Kia Optima

You can expect comfort, luxury and reliability each time you buy or rent a car from Kia. The Korean car manufacturer provides the ultimate business travel solution. 7- and 8-inch multimedia screens, multifunction steering wheel are the main advantages of the car interior. The displays look striking with a resolution of 1 megapixel – the picture is clear and bright. 

Comfortable seats upholstered in genuine leather perfectly complement the classic interior. Even a tall person feels spacious thanks to the interior features. The memory system makes it possible to record the settings of the seats, side mirrors, taking into account the wishes of the driver and passengers.

Kia Optima is distinguished by high safety, since the latest systems were used in its creation. Driving this car will give you peace of mind and confidence. 

Kia Optima features:

  • power, combined with efficiency ;
  • wireless phone charging;
  • seat ventilation.


Mercedes-Benz E-class

This is a car that everyone will appreciate. Comfort and safety are the main advantages of the Mercedes-Benz brand. When driving this car, you can forget about the strong focus on the road. Mercedes will do everything for you – it will become a friend who won’t let you down. The PRE-SAFE safety system is responsible for this.

A special feature of the PRE-SAFE system is the automatic locking of the brake system, which notifies the driver of safety. The technology will warn of excessive activity ahead, effectively slow down, and see a slowly moving object. The DISTRONIC system is another innovation. It’s designed to maintain optimal distance. 

The salon is distinguished by its classic style, comfort, and severity of horizontal lines. Only expensive materials are used inside: wood, genuine leather, durable metals, and stylish decorative elements are among them. The success of the design solutions is visible in everything. You won’t regret using the Mercedes-Benz E-class as a rental car for your business trip.

Mercedes-Benz E-class features:

  • high safety level;
  • 11 electronic assistants;
  • four-wheel drive.


Genesis G80

The manufacturer doesn’t offer any excessive abundance of luxurious elements, but the model has a very prestigious look. It will be the perfect car rental choice for a business trip if you want to save money and still make a positive impression on your partners. 

Natural wood, leather, and high-quality plastic meet all the requirements of a modern interior. There’s also a 9-inch multimedia screen, and next to it is a stylish clock and a modern climate system. Genesis G-80 will delight you with its spaciousness. A well-thought-out shape along with oversized front seats that allow you to adjust the optimal seat angle are a guarantee of comfort. It’s possible to control the tilt of the headrest and backrest.

The rear seats will also satisfy passengers. You can control the angle of the backrest. Separate airbags virtually eliminate the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident.

Genesis G80 features:

  • acoustic system with 17 speakers;
  • 360-degree view provided by four HD cameras;
  • projection of device settings onto the windshield.


Audi A6

The Audi A6 is a luxurious, technological and beautiful car that will emphasize the seriousness of your intentions on a business trip. When you get behind the wheel, you realize how advanced electronics can be. Power comes from a pair of mild hybrid and a choice of petrol or diesel engines giving the A6 great acceleration. An additional 48-volt battery saves up to 0.7 liters of fuel per 100 km. The car still rides well and takes corners impressively.

The car’s multimedia system will delight you with its innovative approach. The latest digital dual-screen MMI architecture is a striking feature of the monochrome interior space, while the virtual cockpit looks truly impressive.

The car has all modern features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistant. The car is equipped with radar, laser scanner, camera and ultrasonic sensors. There’s an intersection assistant that works at speeds up to 30 km/h. What’s more, the car can be opened or started using a smartphone as a key. The Audi A6 can park itself and leave the parking lot.

Audi A6 features:

  • mild hybrid power unit;
  • Audi virtual cockpit system;
  • great choice of driving assistants.


Choosing a rental car for a business trip is an important task. It directly affects the reputation of the company and the success of the business in general. Therefore, it’s worth approaching this issue with the utmost responsibility. 

All the vehicles mentioned above are perfect for your exclusive business needs – they will give you self-confidence, while your partners will make a positive impression on you.