Business Trip to Brighton: 6 Best Outdoor Sights to Go by Car

Brighton is an iconic resort town located in the south of England. Those who once visited it will definitely return there again. 

Walking along the English Channel, admiring warm breezes, sunny weather and the incredible riot of colors in Brighton will make your trip fun and exciting. Plus, Brighton is a great destination for outdoor sightseeing – there’s plenty to go and to see in and around the city. 

If you hire a car, you can find even more amazing places around. Parks, castles, gardens, beaches, and beautiful nature will turn your road trip into a real adventure…

Queens Park

Queens Park in Brighton is a great place to walk and relax. In ancient times, the area of ​​the park was a place where representatives of the English nobility loved to spend their leisure time. 

In the 19th century, wealthy earls and lords walked here with their ladies dressed in expensive dresses and hats. Today, the Queens Park retains its original aristocratic appearance in many ways. 

Queens Park in Brighton has a large lake and a small pond with ducks. There’s also a garden of fragrant flowers, which was specially created for visually impaired visitors. The park has a children’s sandpit and play areas, a tennis court and a variety of dining options for visitors.


Beachy Head 

Beachy Head is a cape in the south of England, near Eastbourne in East Sussex. It rises above the sea to the height of 162 meters, making it the tallest and most beautiful cape in the UK. 

The name Beachy Head has nothing to do with the beach. It’s just a combination of the original French words meaning “beautiful cape”. It’s interesting to know that this place is a frequent suicide spot – about 20 people rush into the abyss every year. For the same reason, a team of rescuers provides regular day and evening patrols of the area. 

Despite this fact, Beachy Head is a great place to go in a hire car – the journey from Brighton will take not more than 40 minutes. By the way, Beachy Head is a popular filming location. In the 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Beachy Head was used as the venue for the Quidditch World Cup. You will also see this location in the Living Daylights, the fifteenth entry in the James Bond series. This is another proof of the incredible natural beauty of this cape.


Devil’s Dyke Valley 

If you pick up car hire Brighton, you will quickly access another amazing sight. Located north of Brighton, the Devil’s Dyke Valley is an outstanding natural spot, which is considered to be the largest valley in England. 

It’s a V-shaped pristine 100-meters-deep valley that was naturally formed just over 10,000 years ago during the last ice age. This landmark of England is an untouched corner of the earth, where you can freely walk barefoot and enjoy the stunning scenery. There’re also cows grazing and rabbits running around the area, so you will get a positive experience from visiting Devil’s Dyke valley anyway.


Kipling Gardens 

This small park is located near Rottingdean, in the suburbs of Brighton. Thus, you will easily get to this amazing place in your car. 

Kipling Gardens is a fine example of a traditional English garden with a unique rural flavor. It’s named after the most famous English writer Rudyard Kipling, who lived here from 1897-1902. Inside the garden there’s a small duck pond and a rose garden. 

Local shops and cafes are within walking distance of this delightful location. Also, nearby is the Church of St. Margaret. The Kipling Gardens are especially beautiful in spring and summer, when flowers bloom there. This time is also great for leisurely walks and picnics with family or friends.

Rochester Castle

The great Rochester Castle towers over the River Medway in Kent. It’s one of the best preserved examples of Norman architecture in the UK, which is a great reason to hire a car and head out to explore it. 

The castle’s square, massive walls are among the tallest in the country. They reach 113 feet in height and are 12-feet thick in some places. The castle has a dramatic history. It was besieged three times.

 In 1215, Rochester Castle was partially destroyed by King John, who used the fat from 40 pigs to set fire to the tower pillars. In 2011, a feature film was even released based on this great siege. 

Today, visitors can see the restored round tower, which contrasts with the square towers of the castle. A model was installed in the chapel of the castle, showing what the castle looked like in the 14th century.


Brighton Beach 

Of course, it will be hard to skip Brighton’s most iconic landmark. Brighton Beach, located at the main pier, is considered to be the most popular beach in England. This pebbly area is wildly popular with travelers and locals. One of the reasons for this is the rich entertainment options and affordable service.

All kinds of restaurants, attractions, bars and clubs are located right on the beach by the sea. The gently sloping sandy bottom begins just below the tide line, so the most convenient time to swim in Brighton Beach is at low tide. 

Just behind Brighton’s waterfront, there’s an area favored by fans of surfing and other water activities. The beach is so popular that finding a place to park your hire car can be a challenge. Therefore, if you are staying at a hotel nearby, it’s better to walk from there, leaving your car in the hotel parking lot.