Top Wi-Fi Gadgets To Make Your Life A Lot Easier:

In the recent era of technology gizmos and gadgets; the world is getting more and friendlier towards technological solutions. Every single reach of a person is characterised by the golden touch of the gadget’s hand. Sometimes, a swish on an interface screen can be the solution of one’s problems. Such is the malleability of a person’s work in day to day life. There are imbedded solutions of information technology in the core relay of gadget’s intricacies.  No matter how good the indigenous technology might be, there’s always a dependency on Wi-Fi access as there is a need for access to the cyber- space always, which is the reservoir of information. Here are some of the best known Wi-Fi gadgets for personal use:
Google Glass:
This has created the biggest storm in the markets of technology innovations. It has proved itself to be a game changer and pioneers a new road for technology innovations. Google glass is an absolute reference of referring to the desktop reception of the cyber- space. One can be a Cybernetic organism and get to know about things, just by looking at things.  It also has the cool features of taking pictures and recording videos. It’s an all in one gadget. It has a stylish look of a pair of ordinary spectacles with a tiny Wi-Fi interface.
Wi-Fi Light Bulbs:
Sometimes while hitting the bed and almost going off to sleep, one may realise that the lights are switched on downstairs. How about the lurking fear of monsters invading while one switches off all the lights and then goes to the bed? All can be avoided, if one uses the Wi-Fi light bulbs. Its application is simple. The bulbs are embedded with Wi-Fi chips; one may control them by using a free Smartphone or a tablet. Even after reaching the bed, one can switch off all the lighting of the house by a simple touch on the phone.
Sleep Phones:
Privacy may not be a personal authoritative virtue as one sleeps in with others. A couple sleeping together could be jeopardizing activity if one pays attention to his or her personal habits while sleeping. Sometimes one may like to read a book with ample light or even listening to music. The sleep phone takes care of it all. It is strapped on comfortably over the eyes and ears and allows comfortable reception of data.

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