Top 3 Android Spy Apps 2015

Spying apps usage has been on a rising trend, thanks to the insecure devices that the technology upgrades have left us with: Gorgeous from outside, vulnerable from inside. Or maybe it’s us who like to play with our electronic devices’ security through rooting and jail breaking them. These vulnerabilities of smartphones and tablets instigate every tech savvy Parents or employers to use spying apps—Parents can use it to keep their kids safe from internet dangers, while, business managers can make sure that the information stored on their company-provided phones is not susceptible to data theft. Have a look at the following 3 android spy apps and decide for yourself what can best serve your purpose.

Top 3 Android Spy Apps 2015


If you have been wondering how a spy app can be used to protect our electronic devices against data theft, then you need to look at the Remote Control feature of this app, XNSPY. It can let you remotely wipe data off the monitored device. So whenever your kid or employee may lose their smartphone, you can simply wipe data from their devices to prevent the dissemination of information to others.

The app consists of many other interesting features. For example, the GPS tracking and geo-fencing is very enhanced and accurate. With XNSPY’s GPS tracking services, you can locate real-time location or view location history with date and time stamps for every visited place by the target user.

XNSPY can also track instant messenger activity from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and Viber. The app comes in very handy when it comes to price. You can get the basic subscription of the app for just $8.33/month or the premium subscription for $12.49/month.

You can also monitor phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries with this app. XNSPY works with all android device running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher.

Top 3 Android Spy Apps 2015

2. lexispy

Flexispy is the oldest spy apps around. The app even existed when there was no concept of smartphones and Nokia used to rule the smartphone industry with its Symbian N-series.

The app is not just the oldest; it’s also one of the best spying apps out there. It can do a lot more than what other spy apps can do. Other than GPS tracking, geo-fencing and phone logs monitoring, Flexispy can dig deep into your phone and do sinister things like remotely controlling camera to take photos or retrieving passwords from the monitored devices.

With great features comes great pricing—Flexispy is one of most expensive apps out there too. The basic version is available for at least $12.5/month, whereas the extreme version will cost you around $30/month at least.

Flexispy is compatible with all android devices.

3. mSPy

mSPY is one of the most reliable spy apps. However, it’s very similar to XNSPY in terms of features and pricing with some nuances. For example, the premium version is slightly expensive ($16.67/month) than XNSPY’s premium version ($12.49/month).

It’s compatible with all Android devices and works great on every smartphone or tablet.


XNSPY is the most affordable spy app out there with decent set of features. However, if you need to monitor Snapchat and Instagram, then you can go for mSpy and if you need to monitor someone intensely, then Flexispy should be your choice, considering you are ready to pay the hefty subscription fee.

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