How To Maintain Your High Pressure Humidifier

How To Maintain Your High Pressure Humidifier

Depending on your company’s needs, you may consider the need to have a high pressure humidifier installed to support the needs of your organization. It is definitely one of the best ways especially in environments where the air tends to be drier than necessary so additional humidity is needs to be added into the air. Most factories require their products to be in a constantly regulated environment and that is where this device comes in.

Since it is high pressured, caution should always be exercised especially when performing general cleaning or maintenance on it. This is to minimize injury to the personnel involved and to prevent any sort of permanent damage from happening to the device. As the humidifier itself will constantly be pumping out moisture, it becomes the prime spot for mold and contaminants like bacteria to grow after prolonged use. That is why the first step to ensuring your high pressure humidifier works as intended minus all the contaminants is to first regularly clean out the water on a regular basis.

By changing and removing the water regularly, you ensure a fresh batch of water is always used and fresh water contains the least amount of pollutants and other microorganisms that will promote mold growth. It is essential you use pure water that is without any sort of bacteria otherwise the pollutants become airborne when they are used up by the machine and you will end up inhaling them into your lungs.

So now you know what you clean out of your humidifier, you should be concerned with the frequency of when you need to clean it. Depending on the machine’s usage, it is possibly that the frequency can be anywhere as short as a few days to a few weeks so the best advice is to simply clean as you see fit. Leaving the water inside for too long will often attract mold and other forms of bacteria which is definitely something that you want to avoid.

When you decide to clean out your humidifier, always be sure to use a natural cleaning solution that is not chemical or alcohol based as these liquids are very strong and can corrode or damage parts of the machine. Aside from that, harsh chemical cleaners can often leave residue which become airborne as well the moment the device is switched on. Instead of inhaling bacteria you will now be inhaling chemical pollutants and that is just as bad, if not worse.

Again, the need for your humidifier to be cleaned depends entirely on how heavy it is being used. The heavier means the more frequent it needs to be cleaned.