SteadXP Is The One “Lens” You Need To Film Perfectly Stable Videos

When you don’t have the budget to afford an entire film crew and studio equipment, shooting videos that are perfectly stable is incredibly difficult. Working with just your own two hands to stabilize recordings on your camcorder is far from foolproof, often leading to shaky videos. Shakiness gets even worse when you’re filming action shots on a DSLR.

But shaky recordings filmed on almost any type of camera may quickly become a problem of the past thanks to the newly unveiled SteadXP filming device. Presented to the general public at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SteadXP promises to be the best solution to shakiness in recordings no matter what you’re filming on.

The SteadXP can be seen as a camera lens (of sorts), since it can be attached to most models of digital cameras. The major difference is that the SteadXP is designed specifically to allow digital cameras to shoot steadier video files and not increase zoom or aperture like other camera lenses you can buy would.

Once attached, the SteadXP uses a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to closely track the movements your camera is making while filming is being done. So while your camera is recording all of the images, the SteadXP is tracking movement and the footage in tandem.

After your video file has been filmed the SteadXP has specially designed software that will allow you to remove next to all shakiness from the recording. The SteadXP’s post-treatment software is able to quickly process the data held in the recording, then offering you several different ways the video footage can be stabilized. Choose between the style you want (or augment to your preference) and you’ll transform a shaky video into one that is smooth and seamless.

In effect, the SteadXP allows digital camera users to not worry about keeping their device super-steady throughout the filming process. Without a tripod or other expensive devices a user can be liberal with their movements and worry about stabilizing the footage later.

Plus, since the SteadXP is recording the footage along with your camera, the time it takes to process all the data once you’ve uploaded it into your camera is a lot faster than you might be used to. Expect swift processing times so you can film, stabilize, and share speedier than ever.

The only downside to the SteadXP (at least for now) is that it isn’t on the market. After a successful Kickstart campaign, which raised more than $500,000, the device is just gearing up for the consumer market. The first batches of SteadXP will be released in the next few weeks, but most of us will have to wait a bit longer. Still, given the amount of hype the SteadXP gained during CES 2017, expect to see this video-stabilizing-device on store shelves within the year.

If you’re not quite convinced (or are still a little confused as to how the SteadXP actually works) then head over to this feature video or check out the official website.

Featured image courtesy of SteadXP via Facebook