Product Pages In A Website – What Should Be Included

First if all, you should understand what product pages actually mean. Product pages are those pages on a website where a company displays its product images and information. Most of the times, these pages will be present on a website associated with shopping. A product page also offers a Buy button, using which a customer can buy certain or specific products. These pages are the most important in any website as they are the ones that ultimately lead to sales. A product page should be attractive, informative and reliable. In the end, the customer should be able to trust the page so as to enter his credit or debit card number in order to buy the product.

Almost all ecommerce web designers ukunderstand the importance of product pages in a website. It is critical that a product page is well designed according to the needs and requirements of the retailer’s business. Almost every company spends a lot on their product pages. In fact, a product page is usually the most expensive page in a website. Therefore, retailers always want that the product page should be able to make a sale for them. You should make sure that product pages are simple and not complicated. Moreover, they should provide all the information about the products and the user should be easily able to navigate through them.

Things To Remember While Making A Product Page

1) Title and Description
– The title of your product page should be descriptive as most of the people who visit your website will be through search engines. The title should be descriptive as well as informative. Moreover, the product page should include all the description about the products that you are selling. The product page should include information related to the cost of the product, delivery charges, discounts, coupon codes etc. Moreover, there should also be a image of the product which could be easily enlarged by the viewer. Navigation through all the products should be easy. You should make different categories according to the sizes, prices and other factors.

2) Availability of the Product and Delivery time – Information about the availability of the product should be visible on the product page. It is quite annoying if the user wants to buy the product, enters all information and finds out that the product is out of stock. Moreover, the user should also be showed the approximate delivery time, so that he can expect a delivery on a certain date.

3) Privacy and Guarantee policy – Most of the users are unsure about the quality of the products they buy online. This may act as an obstacle between your product and the customer. You should mention the guarantee period and other information related to the guarantee policy of your company. The privacy policy should also be explained so that the user does not hesitate while entering his credit or debit card information.

4) Buy button – Ultimately, the user needs to click on a buy button if he wants to buy something. Ecommerce web designers uk suggest that the buy button should be clearly visible on the product page.