Tips to Make Your Website Fast and Search Engine Friendly

The biggest challenge for an ecommerce website is to have a decent ranking in a search engine. In order to reach your target market, it is very important to make your business website visible all over the web. Apparently, only a search engine friendly website can help you achieve your business targets and goals successfully. Technically speaking, Search engine optimization (SEO) is a widely used tool that aims at providing high rank to the websites that are up and functioning. Many ecommerce businesses have made the use of this technique and are now running successfully over the web.

Designing a business website is not at all a difficult task, unless it is being designed with a motive to attract customers to buy the products and services it is offering. But, building a website for a search engine is a much complex concept and should be handled by professional companies like Zeno International. However, there are some basics that you should know while getting your website designed. In this article, we will talk about some basic tips that should be considered while designing a business website.

Basic Tips to Get A Search Engine Optimized Website

Choose a relevant URL: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In simple words, it is a unique address of the website that helps users to locate it on the web. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a relevant, structured, user-friendly and easy to remember URL for your business website. It should be able to describe the content and purpose of your business to users and search engines. For instance, if someone wants to look for an interior designing firm, then he/she will possibly type ‘interior designing company’ in the search box and hit the bar. The search engine will automatically pick up those those URLs that would be having the word ‘interior’ mentioned in its address such as

Add text to your images and videos: Search engine softwares are only programmed to read the texts in HTML format. Therefore, if there are more pictures, flash or videos on your website, then do not forget to add texts in description. The text should be written in the description column of your images and not on the image with .jpg extension. It should be an unadulterated, relevant and an ordinary text.

Focus more on creating relevant title tags : Search engines give more preference to the text appearing on the title of the page. The title is different from that of appearing on the web page. It is an invisible HTML text that the browser uses to display in the title bar of the browser window. The search engines uses the title tag to determine what your page is about.
Remove Hidden Text : Earlier webmasters used to use hidden texts all over the page to boost their website ranking. Hidden text is basically a text included in the main body of the web page that is not visible to the user on the screen while browsing the website. But, search engines have now taken out a way to deal with such websites. Websites containing any kind of hidden texts are usually eliminated from the list of a search engine.

Content: Nowadays, content of the website plays a crucial role in influencing the search engine ranking. It is very important to update the web pages with keyword rich content on a regular basis through either a blog or by adding new pages. You can hire SEO professionals to provide search engine friendly content for your website. A professional company like Zeno international always has a well researched list of keywords that are often searched by users around the world.