7 Computer Parts That Need Constant Replacing

7 Computer Parts that Need Constant Replacing

The worst thing about computers is probably the best thing about them, too. Although they are known for their longevity, the same could not be said about all of their parts. Some computer parts can break quite often, affecting the way your computer works or completely disabling its functions. This is not the end of the world, or the computer’s life, in fact. Once this happens, there is no need to buy an entire computer, only to replace the malfunctioning part. So, with this in mind, here are 7 computer parts, which require constant replacing.

7 Computer Parts That Need Constant Replacing

  1. Hard Disc Drive (HDD)

Probably the most volatile part of your computer is its HDD. In fact, some claim that low quality Hard Discs have the risk of failing in the first three months. Luckily, replacing HDD is probably one of the least expensive computer-wise investment you will have to make. Still, this can be considered fortunate only from the financial perspective. When it comes to a potential data loss that can be caused by a failing HDD, the effects can be devastating, which is why it is essential to make regular backups every now and then.

  1. Power Supply

After HDD, power supply is probably the thing that is at greatest risk of failing. In order to make more profit, pre-assembled computer configurations will try to save by installing a less potent power supply. This is why, it is essential that you inquire on every individual part before buying anything. The first thing that breaks on a power supply is its fan. Initial symptoms of trouble here will be loud noises coming from the back of your computer. After this, your computer will occasionally start shutting down, seemingly at random. Regularly vacuuming dust from your power supply opening will improve its performance.

7 Computer Parts That Need Constant Replacing

  1. CD/DVD Drive Player

It comes as no surprise that it is always parts you pay the least for that die first. This is why, when looking for more computer parts, paying just a bit more to get top-notch quality is always worth your while. Your CD/DVD drive is probably the best example of this. After using it for a while, it will develop issues with reading discs, even if they are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, the only viable solution here is replacing the CD drive.

7 Computer Parts That Need Constant Replacing

  1. Motherboard

Even though motherboard failure is not as common as the malfunctions mentioned above, every now and then, the motherboard will let you down. Due to low quality of parts, capacitors will start bulging and electrolytes leaking which will most definitely lead to some serious issues. Although the motherboard as a part is replaceable, it can also be fixed. By simply cleaning your motherboard and replacing the broken parts, you can make it usable once again.

  1. Video Card

There are many signs that your video card is dying. First, it will start with stutters, then it will proceed with random visual artifacts appearing everywhere. Finally, your textures will look old and you may even experience an occasional blue screen. After this, it is highly advisable that you subject it to a stability test. If it fails, all that is left for you is to replace it.

7 Computer Parts That Need Constant Replacing

  1. Processor (CPU)

What is most troublesome about your CPU dying is that it is a slow and painful death indeed. What CPU is in charge of is the general performance of your computer and if that starts slowing down for no reason, it is probably terminal. However, the absolutely worst thing is that a dying CPU will first kill your motherboard which is not something you should allow to happen.

  1. RAM Memory

Symptoms of RAM memory failure are many and they are all equally inconvenient. The first signs are freezes and blue screens, but it gets worse in time. Your data files (sometimes those you use the most) will become corrupt. Luckily for you, RAM Memory replacement is probably the least expensive investment your computer may ever require.

With proper maintenance and checkups, you can stay ahead of any malfunctions your computer might be having, meaning that you can prolong the admirable performance of your computer indefinitely. They say that a human body regenerates in such fashion that in seven years not a single atom in our body will be the same. Today, same thing goes for a computer.