5 Business Apps That Your Accounting Department Needs

5 Business Apps That Your Accounting Department Needs

Your business exists to make money and money handling can be the heart and soul of your small business. There are many accounting apps that are useful, making it easier to transfer data and communicate. Cloud-based apps have become extremely popular and reliable recently and we’ve compiled a list of these apps to improve the overall success of your business. These apps are accessible anywhere and to anyone within the company with access.

5 Business Apps That Your Accounting Department Needs

  1. ExpenseIn is a fantastic expense management app that creates policies and approval flows for all your employees. It can store receipts, manage expenses and review your claims from anywhere because it’s all available through the cloud.

  1. Zoho Books can help you to manage your finances in real-time. Record transactions from from your dealings with customers and track your expenses. Use this app to perform transactions such as reconciling your accounts or transactions or collaborating with the accountants.

  1. Xero does away with most accounting-related jargon to simplify tasks. This app allows you to generate statistics and reports from your own accounts.

  1. FreeAgent cuts all the extra complicated stuff and focuses on things that matter to small businesses. It makes it easy to invoice customers, synchronise your bank accounts and track expenses.

  1. Sellsy Invoicing is great for small businesses or freelancers. It provides you with everything you need such as sending invoices, taking payments and sending payment reminders.

Whether you are a freelancer, small business or enterprise, the accounting department is one of the most important elements of a business. These apps will simplify once complicated tasks and keep your business on the right track.