Only As Strong As The Weakest Link: Wireless Security Using Open Source Options

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Everybody has heard that one.  Unfortunately, that saying also applies to wireless security and the numerous opportunities unauthorized persons have to access to wireless security points.  IT systems have always presented challenges for those who want to protect their data, but as computer systems as well as the data they contain become more complex, security concerns are justifiably complicated.

This situation has proven to be even more so when it comes to the issue of wireless networks.  And despite this, users continue to demand easy access to their needs.  Is there a solution that will keep everyone happy and satisfied?  Perhaps.

Open Source Free Software Solutions 

The good news is that the panacea for this could be held by a variety of open source–free–software solutions that are already available on the market.  In fact, although network security concerns can often involve equipment and expertise that can be prohibitively expensive to implement, much of it is also very affordable and relatively easy to incorporate into a company’s plan and overall system.

Only As Strong As The Weakest Link  Wireless Security Using Open Source Options

Of great concern in this solution, as is the case with many others, is ease of use as well as security, or what will the user sacrifice when the problem of network security is effectively addressed?  Fortunately, at least for the present moment, is nothing.  In fact, with the open source solutions that are available to wireless network users today, they can have everything: security, ease of accessibility, use, flexibility and much more.  It’s not necessarily to hunt for wireless hotspots, concerns over security and use, and as a result breathe a collective sigh of relief.


Concerns over these factors have caused wireless networks to be maligned and misunderstood.  And while LAN managers struggle to provide ubiquitous, reliable, safe connectivity to users, they continue to voice their concerns. Until there is a problem, the wireless network continues to be an afterthought in everyone’s collective thoughts.  When there is a problem, however, it hits like a splash of cold water. Despite all of its “issues” wireless networks continue in their attractiveness to everyone.  After all, nothing could be better than not having to plug in, and when you consider that problems with security can be solved with free tools, it makes the world easier.

In Summary 

The world has come to depend more and more on wireless networks for their everyday work.  This is not only true of the workplace, but in homes as well.  Regardless, every wireless network deserves to enjoy a certain level of security.  But this is especially important where government and business security is involved.  Fortunately, with the growing availability of open source products to help facilitate that security, it makes it that much easier, not to mention cost-effective to create these secure systems.  This makes the security of a given system that much more guaranteed as well as still allowing a significant level of ease of use for those who need to use the system on a daily basis.

Katrina is a leader in the IT industry with innovative ideas and custom solution as a product specialist for rack solutions.