My iPhone’s Been Damaged! Should I Have Got An iPhone 5 Insurance?

Do You Have TheClassy And Appealing Iphone5?

Do you have iPhone 5? If you have the classy and appealing iPhone 5, you must be enjoying the advanced features of this little gadget. Isn’t it? Life has never been so good. Now, you simply cannot imagine your life without iPhone 5. But, you never really know when an accident happens and your iPhone 5 gets damaged. So, you should be better prepared for it. Your iPhone 5 might have suddenly stopped working or perhaps have slipped from your mom’s hands or may be the target of a pickpocket. Therefore, it’s always good to have iPhone5 insurance.

My iPhone’s Been Damaged! Should I Have Got An iPhone 5 Insurance?

Reasons To Choose iPhone 5 Insurance

Depending on your specific needs, there are a lot of benefits of choosing iPhone 5 insurance. Here are some of the following reasons why you should choose iphone 5 insurance.

It’s Cheap

iPhone 5 insurance from Protect Your Bubble is not expensive. You may have to spend couple of bucks every month to get your iPhone 5 insured. Neither will you have to be extra careful while enjoying a coffee with your friend nor wear any gloves to protect your iPhone 5 when you have the insurance.

It’s A Quick, Simple And Easy Process

Insuring your iPhone 5 is not really a complicated process. It won’t take much time, really. You can even get it done online, by following some simple steps which can be done within a short span of time. The whole process will take some time and you can easily get your iPhone 5 insured within seconds. Isn’t it great?

It Covers All The Accident Damages

No matter how your iPhone5 is damaged, this insurance protects you from all the different accidental damages including theft, loss, liquid spill etc. In such situations, your iphone 5 will be immediately replaced with a new one within a short span of time. In case, the manufacturer’s warranty is expired, you will be happy to know that it will cover the expenses of the internal malfunctions of your iPhone 5.

In this case, the insurance provider will ensure that your phone is quickly repaired and the damaged components are replaced in the shortest time.You will get your iPhone 5 back within 5 days.

It Covers The Unauthorized Calls

Well, you might be a little confused now. Isn’t it? How will it help you if it covers the unauthorized calls of your phone? In case of theft or pick pocket, the insurance will cover all the unauthorized calls made by the one who stole the phone. So, you still have chances to get your iPhone back when it is keeping a track of the unauthorized calls. Without the policy, you will have to spend extra money for it.

It Will Give You Extra Bonuses

If this is true, you should definitely get the insurance because you can do some good shopping with the extra bonus offer. Depending on the kind of policy you choose to protect your iPhone 5, you will be offered extra bonus by the service provider.


The fact is that iPhone 5 is now one of the most popular brands of phone; you will have to cash out a pretty good amount of dollars to get it. Therefore, you should definitely give a thought to the situation when it gets damaged. Without the right insurance, you will have to again spend the whole money from your pocket.

How will you exist without your iPhone 5? If your phone gets damaged or stolen or perhaps simply out of the warranty period, you may find it a little difficult to deal with everything. Moreover, you don’t have the funds to again invest a new one. Therefore, you should visit Protect Your Bubbleto choose the best insurance policy.