Logitech HD Webcam C510 Review

Communication between 2 or more parties that are located at different areas or even countries has become very important these days, mainly because of the internet. Not only e-mails are important nowadays but also voice and even video chat. Taking that into consideration, Logitech is now introducing its C510 which is a high definition webcam. So, what can this device really offer? Can it make video chat experience more enjoyable like never before? Find out the full features below.

To get things started, the design looks quite beautiful, though not necessarily amazing or stunningly unique. Well, in short, the C510 is not a webcam that comes with a state-of-the-art appearance. As a matter of fact, it is bigger when compared to a lighter and is even twice as thick. Pretty big, huh? Yet, it comes with an accent that somehow looks classy and is polished as well.

The Logitech C510 also comes with a cable measuring 5 feet long. Well, this is quite a disadvantage considering that webcams are mostly mounted on a monitor or a laptop display from which users are not sitting far. Due to the long cable, users will always have to bother wrapping the cable every time they want to keep the camera in storage.

The next thing about the camera is that it comes with a lens that users can rotate up to 360 degrees. That said, shooting still images or recording actions that are happening around the users will not be a hard thing to accomplish at all. Additionally, to prevent scratches on the camera, there are rubberized pads positioned on the device’s 2-part clipping mechanism.

As mentioned earlier, the C510 from Logitech is an HD webcam. This means that users of the device can have a video chat with a maximum resolution of 720 pixels, far better than the conventional webcams. The Logitech More HD technology supported by the device makes video chat even more engaging.

When it is simply still images that the users want to shoot, they are given the chance to shoot high quality images at the maximum resolution of 8 Megapixels. And, to give the images even a better quality alongside a more professional look, an image enhancement software piece is included into the purchase package of the C510.

This particular device can even be used as a security device as well. For added security level in terms of access to their computer, users can activate the face recognition function supported by the C510 HD webcam from the Swiss-based manufacturer. Besides keeping their computer secure, this function also saves users’ time and efforts. At the same time, it may as well stun their friends.

The RightSound technology that the company has built into the integrated microphone enhances the voice and video chat experience with the device even more. This eliminates background noise that often proves to be bothersome. This also makes it possible for speech recognition to work better.

At times, the lighting conditions may not be as adequate as needed. Yet, with the RightLight 2 feature, the C510 users won’t likely find this a problem. This is because the device will adjust the images it captures accordingly so as to make sure users always get the best possible quality of an image.