iPod Classic Review

Technology has provided an ease to everyone. Its creations, sometimes amazed everyone and sometime do not let anyone feel that how it has made our life dependable. Of course, no one can resist from the spark of new iPod classic, which can be used for various purpose. It can be used for downloading different music files and videos. It is also used for storing data. The newly released iPod classic is the 6th generation of iPod. The body of iPod is made up of anodized aluminum metal that ensures the resistance against scratches and finger print. It is specially designed with the stainless steel back which does not shows stains and scuff marks. It is also thinner and slimmer than its predecessors.

iPod classic has three level interface and the new spit screen. The third level interface gives information about the albums and artists that have been added in each genre, menu option and explanation about menu options. Apple has made it more user friendly and easy to handle. Apple has introduced more languages so that non-English speakers can also understand how to handle the device. iPod classic is the only MP3 device that have multiple language options. It also allows the storage of sounds tantalizing. It also let the customers continuously run the iPod for more than 2 hours.

iPod classic, differentiates it from the rest of the portable Apple devices in terms of extra ordinary storing capacity. It allows holding the data up till 80 GB. It has left its all the cousins and brothers behind, in terms of storage capacity. iTunes store offer countless applications and other media options. It offers the applications for weather, games, sports, music, finance and list goes on. For enjoying the contents from the iTunes, Apple has made it an automatic syncing. Users can make the sophisticated smart playlists and can save them in less storage space.

iPod classic does not contain the same old iPod games. It has replaced the old games with the newest one. Users have always taken it as the gaming console and Apple understands that the new attractive games would be enjoyed by the users. That is the reason, Apple has launched iPod classic with new gaming options.

iPod classic stores the data over the hard drive, whereas, other iPod versions use flash memory to store the data. Hard drive has enabled the iPod classic to store much more data than any other mobile device. Despite of this fact, hard drive storage is too much expensive and it is becoming obsolete, as well. In the near future, laptops and iPods only rely on flash memory storage. That is why, it is felt that iPod classic will not grow anymore and this will be the end of its generation.

iPod classic may not able to beat iPod Nano, in terms of the size, yet, it is one of the best devices which offers such a huge storage room. Users who always wanted to download multiple videos, music, games and other applications would found it best and worth paying. It has justified for what it was manufactured.