Amazon Kindle Review – Too much to pay for replacing books?

Amazon Kindle, produced by, is an eBook reader. You can connect to Internet with it, download books, and browse the web for reading articles and books. It also helps you in reading e-books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. Originally released in November 2007, it has produced several versions with various names like the Kindle 2 (2009), Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Classic, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. It comes in white, graphite and silver colors. The latest version released this September, although still named Kindle, can be called Kindle 3.

The Kindle holds a 6 inch screen, which is the standard. Kindle 3 is smaller than the prior generation Kindles, because of which now it looks like a personal electronic device instead of a mini personal computer. It is quite thin too, about a quarter-inch. It’s very light and way too lighter than a book.

The Kindle looks cool from the front side, holding a sealed back design. There are large grill areas for stereo speakers. But still you might want to use headphones for good listening.
A big question to be answered is that can it replace the traditional book? While a book wins the overall war, Kindle has its glory of winning some battles, as it can be a good replacement for reading at bed, for instance. If you went to sleep while reading, it remembers where you left off unlike a book where you leave the page. Another good feature is that it bookmarks all the quotes you need or want to refer to. Kindle also gives access to dictionary, allowing you to zoom to read better.

Kindle does win another small battle as it is a good alternative to a magazine, if you want to skip the magazines’ ads. You can also subscribe to e-magazines via Kindle, which is cheaper than subscribing to a printed version of a magazine.

You should be kind to Kindle though, if you want to cook from a recipe in an e-book as this expensive gadget can be damaged in the kitchen. So it’s better to make use of the traditional book for recipes while cooking.

One of its coolest features is its reading. You can listen to your favorite book or some article, which is an information substitute to the Lady Gaga gogo and listening to music. You can utilize this feature in car, at gym or anywhere you want. However, the reading sound isn’t that good and don’t expect it to be a very good experience, especially while listening to stories. Besides, don’t expect your audible book collection be replaced by its speech feature.

To conclude the Amazon Kindle Review, we can say that although Kindle is quite kind, but the book is still your best friend. It’s also very slow and cannot replace your smartphones yet. Although expensive, but the more you use it, the more you’ll love it.