How To Use Hiddden Cameras In The Office

What is Involved?
There are a variety of means by which we could help you ensure that everything, or more importantly everyone, at your workplace is pulling their weight and upholding their obligations to the company. One of the most common systems we install in office type environments is covert surveillance. Once we know the areas you want us to focus on, we install a network of hidden cameras that will allow you to monitor the activities of your colleagues or employees while they think no one is watching. This method of investigation is discreet but reliable and allows you to witness the evidence first hand.
Installing surveillance in your office may seem like a drastic step but there are many problems at work that can be easily resolved with the help of surveillance. Any case or investigation, big or small, is important to us and we realise the importance of being happy and comfortable at work. Whether it is that you need viable evidence that can settle an employee dispute, a check up on a colleague who has not been pulling their weight, or an investigation that helps you to get to the bottom of the thefts of company property, our team could have the answers you need to know.
What A Private Detective Could Do For You
Here are several examples of people who have seen or experienced improvements within their workplace as a result of employing highly experienced private detective services to carry out an investigation.
One: The Office Slacker
A man tired of receiving the blame for his long-standing colleague’s laziness approached a detective for help. The pair had worked together for some time and the target was a respected employee. However, as the two were often required to work closely together their work was measured as a unit and for the past year the client had been getting blamed for the work his colleague was failing to do. When he tried to approach his boss, he was told he was mistaken and so the cycle carried on. After employing a detective to take up the case a hidden camera was placed in the office and revealed the target’s true colours and the client has now been reassigned.
Two: The Penny Pincher
An employer went to a private detective with concerns that someone was stealing from the petty cash in the office. Only several individuals had access to the funds and these were all trusted and loyal colleagues. For the past month, more and more money had been going missing from the collection and the client wanted to find out who was behind it. After installing cameras throughout the premises at the client’s request, the culprit was soon identified and caught red-handed. Using the video and photographic evidence that was obtained, the employer was able to take legal action against the individual and his money was restored.
Three: The New Girl
A businessman was in the midst of reviewing the applicants for an important position within his company that had recently arisen. The man had narrowed his choices down to two possible candidates but wanted to be completely sure that he was picking the right individual to fill such an important role and so asked a private detective to catch them in action. They monitored each individual for an agreed period and allowed the man to review the footage and decide on who the best candidate was and be able to feel confident in his decision.
Charlie Hodgson is a professional who has worked alongside other Private Detectives such as Private Investigator Cardiff on many cases in and around the Cardiff area. Charlie has had a huge amount of success with hidden cameras during investigations. For more about private detectives follow