How to Generate more Income through Social Media Marketing

For some people, marketing via social media is by and large a vague concept. Marketers can’t even set quantitative, realizable goals for their social media promotion. Let alone determine the return on investment, or in other words, the fruits of their labor in the world of internet. However, the results of the social media work can be easily quantified and the ROI calculated using the following strategies.


Use Social Media for Promotion:

Well to capture an audience of worldwide consumers it is necessary to promote the business and what it offers via social media. On twitter, you can attach links to your page. Hashtags are used to link the tweet to a great many fields and thus make it more visible.

On Facebook or Google+, one can use an engaging picture for the business page to attract consumers, and attach an engaging description of the offerings and services.

On LinkedIn, one can post the business of marketing discussions forums and groups of related businesses to enhance greater interest in your product.

Gauge success of the Promotional Campaign:

Now that promotion is accomplished, the other dilemma is how to gauge the success of each social media and its promotional value in terms of generating more and more consumers. For that purpose, you can tag the URL of your webpage. This would enable you to know whether the website visitors found you through a social media, and thus the success of that social media in gaining consumers, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. A UTM tag in the URL demonstrates which social media the traffic to the site is coming from.

Thus if there is more traffic via Facebook, than, say, via Twitter, then you have to work harder on your promotional campaign on Twitter.

Take a Survey:

Another way to know which social media is more successful is by putting a survey question on the website about how they first got to know about the website and the company. It is a very common practice and many major companies put a survey question on their site.

This could be transformed into the ROi on the social media, and help you determine which marketing assets are your strongest and which are your weakest.

The options could be YouTube, Twitter, search engine, newsletter, email, Facebook, Twitter, friend/family, newspaper etc.

Increase your visibility Online:

Lastly, putting your business on Google+, Google Places and Google Authorship can help you achieve better SEO, which in turn means greater visibility and presence on the internet. Improving your SEO can lead to greater ROI, because the people normally would only browse through the top results on Google’s organic search, and not go through the rest.

Wait for the Results:

These strategies alone are not a guarantee of success. One must use these tips alongside their company’s marketing strategy. Social media is a powerful tool, but its use should first be aligned with the organization’s marketing goals, in order to measure the ROI. Social media promotion takes time.

Author Bio:
Austin Richard is an IT professional from Selftesttraining. He likes to write for different blogs on different interesting topics. He is E20-533 exam qualified.