How Can You Obtain The Twitter Verified Account

How Can You Obtain The Twitter Verified Account

Presently you can appreciate the ‘Celebrity’ status on Twitter. Indeed, you got that right! The micro-blogging website is at long last letting general users and different non-verified organizations obtain the ‘Celebrity’ status on Twitter by verifying their accounts with a blue badge icon. Having a blue badge icon on your Twitter profile has turned into a sign of being a significant individual or brand in their specialty or industry.

Twitter has made an online application procedure to make the entire experience substantially simpler and smooth for those looking to get the verified status. In any case, an account might be verified if it is resolved to be of public interest. Fundamentally, this incorporates accounts kept up by public figures and organizations in TV, film, music, government, mold, legislative issues, religion, media, news coverage, business, games, and different key interest regions. In this way, if you trust that your account is doing a value addition to industry or society, and has a great numbers of followers, do the best utilization of this chance to get your Twitter to account confirmed.

How Can You Obtain The Twitter Verified Account

How Can You Get Verified Account On Twitter?

In order to verify your Twitter account, you can go to the company’s committed support page. There you would have to fill one-page form which will ask you to verify the account that should be verified and why it must be verified. So, here is the rundown of what you require in order to take care of prior you visit the application page:

  • A verified mobile number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A convincing bio
  • A profile photo with a header photo imitating the person (company logo in case of a brand)
  • A birthday (in case of personal account)
  • The link to a website except twitter that adds credibility to your profile.  
  • Tweets set as ‘Public’ in privacy settings 

Twitter may likewise ask users to “scan as well as upload a readable duplicate of your government provided ID (for example, a passport or driver’s license) to affirm your identity (Prefer a passport over license)”

Once the form has been finished, you will get an email from Twitter. If the request is rejected, users can another time submit the form 30 days in the wake of accepting the email from the organization. Once approved, your account will appear verified.

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