Growing Popularity Of LED TVs in the Indian Market

Television is among the useful inventions playing a major role in our lives since ages. Gone are the days when it was only limited to being a source of entertainment and was popularly known as an idiot box. With a modern outlook, it has become thinner and flatter and packed with the latest features. Therefore, it can be considered much more than only an idiot box. There has been a time when television was watched for cable. But now the world of television has progressed much, and people can surf the internet on it. Now, television is called by the name of smart TV as it is used as a gaming console these days. With each passing day, technology is advancing at a fast pace, and new configuration and designs are being installed in television sets.

How the popularity of smart TVs started to emerge???

LED or LCD television came into being since 1997 in the US, and it emerged in the Indian market from 2007. These are the power-packed ones with latest features making television watching an excellent experience at your home. With excellent picture quality, sound system and features, these are doing wonders in the market since long. The high definition television or Ultra HD TVs come with 2160p and 4320p. There has been considerable growth in the LED TV market in India with a surge in people’s income. This is contributing to almost 20% of sale in the electronics sector in the Indian market according to findings.

Availability of smart TVs

The availability of LED TVs compared to other television is comparatively high, and this has successfully contributed to its popularity in the market. The LED TV which is also known as a hybrid TV is also available in a different range in the market making it suitable for people belonging to all strata of society afford it. Moreover, these televisions sets are accessible by connecting with an internet connection. In this way, people are able to access online content on a LED TV.  

How to look for the best product from the online market?

With a 40 inch led tv, you can bring the feeling of watching in a theatre to your room. Though several online platforms are available to shop from, Tata CLiQ provides an excellent range of LED TVs available at different ranges. You can browse through the popular brands in Tata CLiQ and get the one that meets your requirements. To provide top-notch shopping experience, Tata CLiQ provides the television set at lucrative prices to the customers.

How is the market scenario changing?

The boost in demand for LED TV has helped many top rated brands to increase their annual sale. Depending on estimations, it can be assumed that the LED TV in the Indian market will go through the reduced price of the products in the upcoming time. Industry experts are of the opinion that with the increased usage of internet and influence of technology in every sphere of our lives, the smart televisions are becoming smarter in which no additional devices are required to connect the television and access internet anymore. In this way, the conventional television sets are finding it difficult with the latest models as they are left far behind in the competitive market. Therefore, with continuous innovation in the technological field, a 40 inch led tv will be worth the purchase from reputed manufacturers.

Wrap it up

The growing influence of the Internet networks and the demand for video content is making the users realize of the LEDTVs. In this way, they opt for purchase LED TVs and have better experience.