Facebook Tips for Businesses

If your company is yet to use Facebook as a marketing tool, it’s high time it did! With more than one billion people around the world registered on the social networking site, you’ll definitely find it can raise awareness of your company among your target audience.
Whatever you intend to use Facebook for, whether it’s to attract new clients or encourage existing customers to interact with your firm more and get them to spend more money on your goods, it’s important to make the most of the portal.
Your starting point should be setting up a Facebook page that clearly defines your brand and showcases your products and/or services. You should then upload good-quality posts that provide people with interesting content that will encourage them to interact with you. Obviously, the number of posts you make is up to you, but it’s best to limit them to no more than one or two a day. Otherwise, people may feel like you are spamming them.
Facebook tips for businesses
The tone of your posts, meanwhile, ought to be consistent with your overall corporate brand, though it’s always advisable to be friendly and conversational to give people the confidence to get in touch with you.
If you’re keen to boost Facebook interactions even further, you could utilise the promoted posts function. This paid-for feature is only available to companies with pages that have at least 400 likes and ensures your messages are more prominently displayed in users’ newsfeeds.
Alternatively, you might want to consider using Facebook as a platform to offer fans exclusive access to products and services. Running a promotion where a group of people who sign up to get updates from your Facebook page are given a free gift should result in a significant increase in your fanbase.
Obviously, using Facebook (and other social networking sites for that matter) will form an integral part of an online marketing strategy, but it’s worth remembering the role that offline products can play to support online activities.
As not everyone is connected to Facebook every moment of the day, it’s a good idea to use promotional products such as branded USB sticks, to raise awareness of your social media presence. USBs are likely to be popular with computer-literate members of the ‘Facebook generation’.
Before distributing printed flashdrives it’s a good idea to load them up with information about your business – whether it’s a white paper or product catalogue. That way, recipients have scope to interact with you even further, while placing a link to your Facebook profile on the stick will make it easier for users to ‘like’ your brand. There are many USB stick designs to choose from, though it’s important to select something that both fits in with your corporate brand and appeals to your target audience. You can find out more about the different kinds of memory stick that are available by clicking here.
How does your business use Facebook and what are you doing to bring in more followers? Please leave a comment and let us know!