Create a website in 5 Simple Steps

The hard work needed in today’s time, to create a website has been changed very easily by some amazing tools provided by Microsoft and other the companies. However, if you look out for the basic norms, you can easily know how to create a website. The steps mentioned below will help you accomplish your goal.

Easily Readable Content

One should make their content simple enough that it is easily readable. Take a deep look at the comfy font colour, size and background. No facet should dominate the other. Cap letters when used, should be done in limit. Keep your text aligned towards left.

Make facile Navigation

While you undergo the process to create your site, don’t forget to link your page well. Have easy hyperlinks on the site to make it convenient for the traffic. Don’t attempt to mislead the targeted audience via hyperlinks. You can fool people, but just once.

Promotion of the site

Once you’re done with the creation of your site, don’t leave it without promotion. No one will ever see your hard work and neither can you benefit from the same. So, promote your site by making use of search engines, directories, social media and ezine.

Create consistency

When you are looking for the right steps on how to create a website, ensure that every page on the site carries a consistent layout and design for a constant look. this will give a professional look to your website

Download speed

Your site should be fast to download. If you design your site with several media and graphics, it will take ages to download. Hence, make it simple.