Marketing Strategies To Attract New Patients For Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons are finding it more difficult to dominate their market territory in 2021, they are now trying to find other avenues to go down to find innovative ways in obtaining new clients as well as bringing back old clients for more treatments. With clients being much more conscious about what they are doing to their body, the risks that they may face as well as determining whether the treatment is actually worth it. 

Clients are not just after who does the best surgery anymore, they are wanting to see extra benefits included within their treatment. With clients wanting to do much of the research themselves on average costs, reviews and before and after pics, it is clear to see that more surgeries are needing more of an online presence as these are the businesses that are doing much better at obtaining and retaining clients. 

In this article, we will go through some of the ways that successful practices are doing to achieve their goals. Whether you provide plastic surgery Manchester-based, or New York, this information will be the same for all areas of the world.


Target High Ticket Clients 

Prospective clients are best when they are qualified prospective clients. This means they have the right money, the time and energy to give you the time of day. These tend to be more mature who have the spare cash and time to recover from treatments. One of the best targeting platforms for this demographic is Facebook. This is due to the sheer level of targeting you can opt for when creating ads for them. This includes parameters such as income level, relationship status, dating interests, shopping behaviours, interests in beauty and related products and much more. Google Ads are also a great way of targeting customers as you can target different parameters. 


Stay Connected With Previous Clients

When you are good at what you do, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting repeat custom. Your happy patients are a great way to get referrals as they come from word of mouth which is the best sort of advertising available. For this to happen though, the surgery needs to be continuously innovating and giving them information about their practice so the clients can share your news. Keeping them updated with a regular email newsletter, social media posts and blogs and sometimes even phone calls can really help to get the message across. This way they will always have something to say about you if they are following you, which they should be if you have left them satisfied.


Improve Relationships With Disgruntled Clients 

In some cases, you won’t please everyone. Mostly this is the case of unmanaged expectations which have caused these issues. Getting in touch with these clients is not the nicest, but it’s all part of the business at the end of the day. These disgruntled clients could bad mouth your practice and create a lot of harm in the community. Offer a free appointment over the phone or video call so you can explain the procedure, show them before and after pictures of similar patients and help them to understand the reality. This can be avoided by ensuring that patients know exactly the reality of what they will be getting and don’t let them consent to the surgery until they understand.


Offer A Free Photoshop Consultation 

Patients often fear the dreaded botch job which ruins their appearance. Some even do this after a consultation. For this reason, surgeons need to find ways in which they can show exactly what the new treatment will look like on the patient whilst also managing expectations. There are many ways in which you can manage expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgery treatment. One of the most successful methods of doing this is by using photoshop technology like Adobe. This will then be able to take a picture of the patient and then manipulate it to show how the treatment will affect the body. This will completely eradicate the blame of expectations as they will know exactly what it will look like and this will also encourage clients to proceed with the treatment. 


Build An Effective Plastic Surgery Website

No matter what platform people are searching for your services, the chances are they are going to be finding you online. This will eventually end up with people finding your site organically eventually which will turn into more consultations. For a website to be successful it must be able to encourage people to take action and call for a consultation or ask for a callback. It should be visually appealing, the layout should be simple enough for your target audience to use and go in a logical audit. When we say it should encourage your potential clients, we mean by broadcasting to the world how good you are by showing before and after images, testimonials, rewards and certifications should all be put on the website. 


Optimise Your Website For Search Results

Once you have a website that you can be proud of, it’s now time to start getting your site on the top of search engine results when people are searching in your area. Due to cosmetic surgery involving changes to a person’s body, people will be looking for a range of different keywords. An example would be if someone was looking for a tummy tuck, the keywords that should be target are ‘tummy tuck’ and ‘abdominoplasty’ This is because it is called both of these as well as the location that you are providing the treatments like ‘tummy tuck in Manchester’. This is easily done with local SEO strategies which include directories, keeping the Name, address, and phone number throughout the website. Adding different location pages are also another great way of getting ranked for specific locations, creating content, online reviews and link building are some other ways in which you can get some good traction to your site. 

These are just some of the great ways in which you can implement marketing strategies into your plastic surgery practice which will, in turn, draw new clients to your website and also encourage previous patients to come back for another treatment.