5 Technologies That Are Making A Splash In The Home

5 Technologies That Are Making A Splash In The HomeTechnology continues to evolve at an incredible rate, making life easier for people at work, on the go and now even at home. Imagine one’s home from a Smartphone, saving on energy bills without thought or ensuring the family is safe with higher security measures. Below are five technologies making a splash in the home and life just a little easier.

Smart Phone Control

Cell phones are one of the most revolutionary inventions to hit society, these innovative devices are no longer used just to call home. Emerging technology allows people to manage their home from their mobile device. Today, all one needs to do to control one’s television, thermostat and smart appliances is pick up one’s phone. Before people know it, mixing margaritas will be as simple as turning the blender via their iPhone while socializing with their guests.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are not new to the world, although they are quickly headed toward becoming the standard. With good reason considering this little device learn one’s schedule, manage the house’s temperature and save an impressive amount on energy bills. There is no doubt why smart thermostats are making a big splash in homes today when plugging in this little device conserves energy and saves money.

Small Appliances

Not to be left behind, small kitchen appliances have joined the eco-friendly, energy-saving revolution. Even battery-operated blenders are becoming a common purchase, these energy-saving devices providing homeowners with the same power without draining the wallet. For the eco-friendly, more small appliances are being made from recycled material or are recyclable as well, blenders, coffeemakers and microwaves finding new ways to make life a little easier.

Water Savers

Water waste hurts on two fronts – high energy and water bills. Tankless water heaters, however, provide a solution. This device tracks one’s time in the shower and decreasing each consecutive shower by seven seconds. While one simply reset the tankless water heater when the allotted time is too short, this device conserves valuable resources and spare homeowners high energy bills.

Home Security

Not long ago, facial recognition and finger print security systems were something people only saw in movies and at work. The technology has found its way into the home, more individuals investing in a higher standard of home safety. And why not? With a security system that requires facial recognition to open the door people can finally get a good night’s sleep.

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