Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Best for Gaming

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not radically different from its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3; after all it performs most of the same functions and there is little new in terms of fundamental technologies, it does perform all of those functions somewhat better, in fact in most cases very much better and so much so that many reviewers believe it to be the best ever gaming phone.
One aspect in which it performs better that the S3 is the display. Although the S4 uses a very similar super AMOLED display to that in the S3, it has been boosted to a spectacular 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Its colour rendition has also been improved and any blue green cast that might have been visible when the S3 was viewed very close up has completely vanished. It has great contrast and brightness; the blacks are really black. It is also five inches diagonally which is just about the perfect size for gaming.
The phone offers several different ways of control. There is eye-tracking capability which is used today for smart controlling and for such things as stopping videos when they are not being viewed but which could be included in future gaming apps such as the mobile casino games that are supplied by online casinos such as LuckyNugget ; proximity gesturing which means that you can control the phone without touching it; and glove sensitivity which means that you can control the phone by touching it when wearing ordinary gloves.
Inside the phone there is a super-fast quad-core processor and graphics controller. These are implemented in SoC (system in chip) technology which keeps the length of interconnections to a minimum and reduced battery drain. Despite all of its advanced features the battery life of the S4 is exceptionally long, adding to its accomplishments as the best mobile gaming device on the market.