UserVoice Web Application Review

UserVoice is a service that lets website and business owners connect more quickly and effectively with their customer base. It has a host of features that are geared to help improve your business by making customers send feedback easier and help users voice out their suggested improvements regarding your service or website. Adding Uservoice to your website or business will definitely be a worthy investment in the long run.

The application offers a streamlined way to connect with consumers. Business owners will be able to show how much user feedback is important to them by adding UserVoice to their websites. Time spent on communication with costumers is greatly reduced by UserVoice because of its intuitive design and efficient operation. Users will be able to send real feedback to service providers and let the company know what it is exactly that the costumers want improved in their service.

With UserVoice, consumers or customers will be given the ability to put ideas into the service’s UserVoice page and other users may vote for it. Customers will also be able to search for ideas and if their ideas are not listed, the customer will be able to post the new idea. There is also a Kudos system, where the application enables users to give present services praise if it deserves it. This will indeed be useful for a business to determine which features or characteristics to keep or remove. It contributes to overall efficiency and improvement of your business or service.

UserVoice enables various features depending on what plan you choose. The cheapest plan, which starts at $5 per month, is the starter plan which gives the subscriber 1 forum. The Premium plan, which is $65 per month, gives the user 10 functional forums, multiple language support, private forums and the ability to attach files to ideas. The Ultimate plan includes all these and an unlimited number of available forums for customers to write feedback and ideas.

This application is an excellent tool for business and website owners to connect with their customer base. It is particularly useful for online businesses and services, but will also be similarly useful when integrated into normal business websites as well. It offers functionality that is absent in free forum services and is simple to use. It features help-desk functions and customer support tickets as well. Overall, the application will be essential for the improvement of your business as well as the satisfaction of your customer base.