Unmasking The Myths That Surround Ruby On Rails

Unmasking The Myths That Surround Ruby On Rails

PHP has been the one of the most preferred languages for software developers and web designers but if you are new to programming then Ruby on Rails is an attractive choice as it is easy to read and write due to its elegant syntax. Seasoned programmers also like to use it due to its freshness, simplicity and elegance that make it very easy to approach the language. Hence it is welcomed by newbies. This open source application framework that is written in Ruby has been developed to enhance productivity by shortening programming times and is a strong competitor of PHP. which is a programming language.

Unmasking The Myths That Surround Ruby On Rails

Making a Choice

Incidentally, both can do identical things though in different ways, thus raising the question in users’ minds about which to use for application development. There is no definite answer as which is better than the other, the Ruby on Rails and PHP. It is actually a matter of choice for the users that is driven by the kind of work that you want to do. Web applications rich in database are better handled by rails as Ruby on rails developers would tell you. But if you are handling some simple functionality of a website, PHP can work better. It is better to use each one according to your needs.

Busting the Myths

There are some myths surrounding Ruby on Rails that often create confusion about what the platform is about, what it can do and how best it can serve the purpose of Ruby on rails developers. Demystifying the facts will make it easy to understand the application platform in the proper perspective.

  • Rails build applications at lightning speed – This could be true only if Rails would build applications for you. But unfortunately, it is not. You have to build the applications and Rail makes it fun and enjoyable for you by elimination the factors that are tedious and lengthy. Rails save developers’ time by allowing them to concentrate on the core areas of application development without getting involved in mere application functionality like interconnectivity of database. Pre-fabricated codes are available that developers can use to save time.
  • A non programmer can use Rails – This is not correct again. You need to know about programming to use Rails as you have to write code that is unique and new. The features of Rails can facilitate the process but cannot be done by someone who does not know programming. But, people with lesser experience can create a Rail application but cannot create applications in Java, Objective C or PHP.
  • It is a CMS (Content Management System) – Not at all. Rails is a storehouse of code that Ruby on rails developers can use and even modify and extend to create tailor made applications. It is not a software that you can plug and play and modify for some particular applications. It has loads of components that are pre-build and huge functionality that can be used to build web applications very fast.

Ruby on Rails is just one more weapon in the developers’ armory that can give a cutting edge to their creativity.