11 Great Unique Ideas for App Design

App Design

Nowadays, the smartphone has become the need of all. No one deny from the importance smart phone as well as its apps. In fact, we totally rely on the app to perform the daily activities of life. It has totally changed the life of not only individual but businesses as well across the World.

In this article, we are willing to highlight the some key ideas for App development companies. The app development companies implement these ideas by developing an app for revenue stream. These ideas are as follows:

Idea # 1: Voice language translation app is a really interesting and useful idea for a mobile app in order to translate the spoken words of a person in real-time so that it can be understood by a different language speaking person.

Idea # 2: If you would like to schedule your daily tasks such as exercise, wake up, read, etc so that a task scheduling and motivation app will reminds you that time of this activity has started.

Idea # 3: One more creative idea to design an app is that it automatically scans your friends’ lists from all social networks and then suggests the best possible match according to your similar activities, likes, sharing, their opinions about you and more.

Idea # 4:Send your phone over to get repaired from this handy App that lets you get your phone repaired in a snap. You can stay connected and view the status of your order in real time during the transit.

Idea # 5:Store all user receipts and bills in a single place through a receipt management app in a way that no longer have to manage each and every receipt manually. In additional option, you can send stores receipts directly to your mobile app.

Idea # 6: A subscription organization app will send alert to all of your subscriptions and bills at the time once your payment date arrives. In simple words, through this app you will have an integrated payment system for automatic payments of bills.

Idea # 7:A tenant finder and communication app designed for landlords to find and communicate with potential tenants directly without any dealer as well as facilitate them regarding property issues, maintenance requirements, pay rents, etc.

Idea # 8:  A travel and tourism suggestion app that automatically scan to find the best places of interest for visit and highlight the particular location that how you can enjoy if you are new one here. The features highlights by these apps are best restaurants, hotels, etc. and even customer reviews

Idea # 9:Sometimes users may require to check the real-time menus, table availability in the particular restaurant. A customized restaurant app provides all of these features along with bookings and even pay bills from within the app.

Idea # 10:An app designed for refugee to help them understand the languages and cultures according to new locations. As a result, they can easily connect with locals with a better way.

Idea # 11: Find the best delivery option in your local area with all the consideration of other factors such as type, location, size and weight of the product which you require to be delivered through cheap delivery and postal app.


About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is an expert digital marketing and blogger. He likes to write about his skills and experiences in the corporate digital marketing and designing strategies. He has over a decade of experience in the industry and is currently create profession app for Abu Dhabi business in CMOLDS