The Shift to Mobile

Could you imagine your life without your smartphone? Even if you are not one of the millions who has succumbed to the charm of having a mini computer in your pocket and still have an older style mobile, you’ll be used to being able to get online and text people at the very least.
Most of us, of course, have a plethora of devices that give us access to the internet from pretty much anywhere. Whether we rely on our BlackBerry, HTC or iPhone, many of us are reliant on the mobile technology we carry around
The Shift to Mobile

Indispensable technology

And it’s no wonder that we are. Why wouldn’t you want to access technology that allows you to speak to people over VOIP sites for free? That allows you to access all your social media sites and interact with millions of people all over the world, at any time of day.
It’s possible to do your banking, buy your groceries, share your words, take pictures, talk to celebrities, research a paper, watch TV, listen to music, organise your day and keep track of your fitness, all from your mobile phone.>
This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can use your phone for – the technology is truly impressive and as it’s advancing at a rate faster than we can really keep up with, it seems that there is always a new iteration just around the corner.

The app explosion

There are now apps for everything you can think of, with many crossing over platforms. For example, Apple gives the option of downloading Google Chrome plug ins to make it easier to access Google apps on the iOS platform.
This kind of ease of access has only increased people’s interest in trying out as many apps as possible, whether they’re looking to play games on their phones or find your way to your destination.
Apps for social media sites have also meant that people are plugged in to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Blogger at all times, and can interact with other users 24/7.

Mobile games

All of this social media and downloadable activity has caused a whole new sub genre of gamers to discover the joy of the addiction of well crafted games and apps. From casual games like the Angry Birds franchise to more serious intensive games that hark back to the big console games, there are lots to choose from.
Casino mobile gaming has also taken off in a big way, as online casino developers have created apps and games that can be played from a mobile browser, allowing users to access their favourite casino games whenever they want.
It’s actually never been easier to play sophisticated game versions of everything from Texas Hold’Em to slots. For example, offers a plethora of mobile games. You can read about the shift from bricks and mortar casinos to online casino gaming on their blog here,

Other advantages of mobile technology

Apart from all the fun stuff, there are very real benefits from having accessible and easy to use technology at our fingertips. Education has been revolutionised, with children able to learn from tablets and smartphones and teachers being able to use them as effective and engaging teaching aids.
Their use in hospitals, for emergencies and for health reasons are also many and varied. It will be interesting to see just how far technology can improve our day to day life in the future.