The Right Guide For Vidmate App Downloading

Vidmate app is a purely entertainment-based app which is designed for any smartphone or even tablets and lets a person stream any video or song from a premium source for free of cost. It is a very convenient and user-friendly app. For watching the latest movies and shows and even for songs, Vidmate is just the app. It has a huge library and thus is demanded.

How can videos be downloaded?

  • The process is free of cost, and the steps for downloading are also quite simple.
  • The first important thing is to get the app downloaded on the smartphone and start running it.
  • There is a news feed on the app. Anybody who is looking for a new movie or TV show. These can be found in this tab very easily. Thus, there is no need for scrolling around and looking for the movie or show.
  • In case it is not to be found in the news feed page, the search tab can be used. By entering the movie name or show name, the search will take the person to the required content directly.  The name of the media file should be entered right.
  • Once the results for the search is received, and then anyone can scroll down either to the particular video or movie or show as well.
  • Once the media file is selected, it will open to the profile of the file where there is option regarding different sources of the selected media file. Any one source can be selected from the large list of options available.
  • The media file from here can be either streamed or can be downloaded. The download icon has to be selected, and then the video is downloaded. The apps feature also allows the person to check the progress of the media file that is being downloaded.
  • Depending on the user’s preference the downloaded file can be either saved on the SD card or the phone memory so that the file then is restored, even if the app is, later on, left unused or uninstalled.
  • YouTube videos can be downloaded. The link for the YouTube video has to be copied into the tab in the app. The app then gets the video converted and downloaded. This makes it easier for people to the store the videos and thus can also watch it offline.

Vidmate app makes it easier for videos to be downloaded for free and without any subscription. Although the app is not available on the Play store because of the Google policy, it is completely safe from viruses and is verified as well. It is a very convenient app. Vidmate is one such app that helps in downloading movies, videos, songs for free and without any subscription. It also works as a YouTube video downloader as a person can directly download videos from thee into the smartphone. Thus, it is a very user-friendly app and is used widely by many people.